Please help me!!!

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Chanel PST or Galliera PM?

  1. Chanel PST

  2. Galliera PM

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  1. I need a new everyday bag and I'm torn between the Chanel PST in black and the Louis Vuitton Galliera PM in Damier Azur. Please help me choose..thank you in advance!:cutesy:
  2. Chanel all the way..
  3. It depends on what the Galliera PM looks like.
  4. Even though I am a big fan of Chanel, I prefer Galeria over the PST. On the other hand, I do not favor Damier Azur. Personally, I think it gets dirty easily. And it looks too casual. If I have to choose either of them, PST will be my pick....
  5. Chanel PST...
  6. Chanel ! ;)
  7. I LOVE Chanel but i am carrying the LV Damier Azur right now and i LOVE it! and get tons of compliments and i was really careful with it in the beginning bc i was worried about it getting dirty but its actually very stain resistant! Just wipe it with a baby wipe once in awhile and just make sure it doesnt rub against your jeans...
  8. Haha honey this is the Chanel subforum! ;) Anyways I am not a fan of LV (though I must admit I have owned afew :P) so I'm a little biased!
  9. I am really not a fan of the pst's/gst's. Have you look into the cocoon collection? Bags are bigger and seem perfect for everyday use! Or, how about the 2009 Fall pleated leather flap bag? (you can look at in at the website). It is pretty big and stylish.
  10. No idea what the Galliera PM looks like... you need to enlighten us with a photo
  11. #11 Feb 19, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2010
    No idea what it looks like either . I'm not keen at all on LV though, so PST all the way!
  12. I am not fan of galleria.
  13. It would help if you post pictures of the Galliera PM. I'm very curious to see what it looks like. Because this is the Chanel forum, obviously posters will vote in favor of Chanel. However, I like to keep an open mind since I also like some LV picture would help.
  14. galliera
  15. Ok, after viewing the Vuitton site, I have to be honest....I really like the Galliera more, so that gets the vote.
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