PLease help me!!

  1. I recently got myself my first MJ bag! :roflmfao:
    I bought the multi pocket large size in green (I'm not sure of the exact name of the green..) I'm now having second thoughts...
    Maybe I should have got the blake in black, or venetia in black... :yucky:
    I woke up in the middle of the night! Wondering if I had made the right choice.. Pls help me... ! Did I make the right choice?!
  2. I adore green bags! I didn't think I would but ever since I got one, I love how it goes with everything. If you really liked the green initially, give it a chance... hopefully it will grow on you. But if don't like it anymore, then definitely get one of the black bags... it really depends on how you plan on using it and your personal taste. good luck and let us know what you do!
  3. If you have doubts, return it & get another style that you love. =)
    How would you describe this green? Bright green, deep green, etc. Multipocket, Blake, and Venetia are all very popular, you won't go wrong with any of them. It really depends on how you plan on using the bag.

    In terms of style, Venetia is #1 for me. There are 2 factors that bother some members: short straps (more for hand-held) and the center piece (have to leave the zipper opened or middle strap unbuckled). Blake is similar to Venetia, it has longer shoulder straps so it can be worn on the shoulder comfortably; the 3 compartments are handy too. Multipocket (considered a hobo) has 1 rolled shoulder strap, it is the most casual looking of the 3. It doesn't have compartments, but members like being able to stuff a lot of things in there. =)

    For your 1st MJ purse, I vote for Black Blake.
  4. I'm new to MJ too, but I've gotta defend the green! The reason I was drawn to my maroon Venetia was because of the color. It's so vibrant, yet so versatile! Who'da thunk purple would be a neutral? But in practice it really is, and I'd imagine your green would be the same. MJ's colors rock because they're not only stunning, but most really do work in that neutral way.

    So I'd give green a chance, but if you can't bear it know this: whatever you end up with will be amazing! Seriously, you can't go wrong.
    :smile: sf
  5. You know what? your so right! The reason I was drawn to the green was because it was a color only Marc Jacobs could pull off! I think I'll stick to my
    choice =) Thanks so much~! to all of you~!
  6. Yay! I'm glad to hear you are keeping it, colors are so trademark of MJ. Care to post a photo of your new bag so that we can all drool?? And you can always make room for another MJ bag in black later...

    superfriday, you're another purple bag sister! I love my purple bags... so glad to hear that purple is the new black this season. =)
  7. i finally figured out the color of the bag.
    I think it's Emerald!
    A darkish kind of green...
  8. :smile: Yeah! Post pics I want to see it too!!! :heart: Emmy
  9. Total Drool!! :drool: I have been eyeballing a Sap Green bag and trying to decide if I should take the plunge. MJ colors are so hot!! Congrats on your new bag! And maybe post some pics for us?
  10. Thanks =) As soon as I receive the bag I'll make sure to post pics!
  11. Love emerald! I have the clutch wallet and I love the way it contrasts with my other colored bags.... great choice!
  12. emerald is one of my absolute favorite MJ colors....i would definitely keep it :smile:
  13. hey! I got you :smile: (it's me MH!! haha)
    I'm sure you'll love your MJ :yahoo: