Please help me.

  1. I have got a job in North Carolina. Before this I was in Alabama. And now I am planning to shift there. But before moving to North Carolina I want to know from where I can get selective
    tips and guidance for better driving to avoid police car speed traps, speed cameras and other problems associated with driving. If anyone knows the correct ways to guide me, please do drop in your comments.
  2. Well you can probably google "driving tips in NC".

    Other than that...get a radar detector and be ready to hide it if you get stopped.
  3. Drive the speed limit. Don't run redlights. Don't tailgate.

    You're welcome!
  4. Um, I never had problems driving anywhere because I kept my eyes open for speed limit signs?
  5. Sorry, but why would anyone tell you how to get around things that are there to protect people? I know speeding here and there happens, but it should not be a thing you just "do" and then try to find ways around it. Drive the speed limit or close to it and drive safely - nuff said.
  6. I think you might be on the wrong forum. We are not here to try to do things that will put others in harms way. IF you feel a need to get around the police, speed traps then you are doing things in your life that need to stop.
    There are safe driving laws to do just that--keep people safe and those of us who drive do not need people breaking laws......wake up and face reality and realize that speeding is not going to get you anywhere.
  7. I live in NC, and we've driven pretty much everywhere in the state. You won't have any problems if you don't exceed the speed limits, have your seat belt on, follow the rules of the road, as others have said. The cities that have cameras at intersections are trying to make it safer for everyone and cut down on violaters.
  8. Hmmm methinks :nospam:
  9. This is kind of an odd question to pose as your second post on Purse Forum.

    But at any rate, let me share a lesson I learned with you. I used to drive from school in southern California to my parents' home in Northern California... about an eight hour drive, if you were to do the speed limit. However, I always wanted to get there quickly -- after an hour or two of driving, I would inevitably speed up because it just felt fine and normal. But trust me, if you're doing 90 (as almost everyone seems to do on the long stretches of the I-5 in California), you're going to be dead or you're going to kill someone if you get into an accident. When I think about how fast I used to drive, I want to kick myself and I thank God that I never hurt anybody or myself. Just take your time, get there a little later, but get there in one piece.
  10. ditto! obey the law and you will have no worries! I've learned by experience, you cannot outsmart those State Troopers. ;)
  11. Why not just obey the law? Odd post. If this post is serious, I'd seriously check into whether radar detectors are even legal in NC as well. In some states they are not.
  12. obey the law is worry free !
  13. cruise control set at the legal speed limit can be a big help
  14. RANDOM!!!!!! This is a purse forum... not a criminal forum.
    If anyone has details of illeagal suppliers of this stuff they would be stupid to post here.
    LOL... do the limit and talk about purses... period.
  15. here's the thing about laws: you either obey them, or you disobey them and you do so knowing that should you be caught, you face the consequences. so, my advice is to either drive in such a manner that DOES not break the laws, or accept the consequences of speeding, getting in a wreck, or killing someone because you think your time is more important than everyone else's, which entitles you to go as fast as you please and ignore traffic lights and stop signs.