Please help me.

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  1. I have this horrible nagging feeling over my Batignolles Vertical. I purchased it from a mypoupette reseller on Ebay a few weeks ago. The stiching on the strap (part reinforced on the rings) looks a little off. Maybe I am just being paranoid. I just think I received too good of a deal (paid $625; brand new it is $775). I emailed the seller and she said that she had the bag on consignment. Here are some pics; I keep trying to take better pictures but they are not coming out.

    The thread looks thicker on the left side than on the right. Am I just being super paranoid? :wondering

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  2. Hmm, which MPRS seller? Could you return it? If no, asked for some refund if possible since that matter was not disclosed.

  3. pinklady98

    Could the stitching be a little off because it is done by hand? It is so subtle.
  4. I can't see, it's too blurry. Can you use the "closeup" feature on your camera? It'll sharpen it for you for such an extreme close up. Or take it from a little further away and crop it?
    Also, I need a slighly bigger scale, like a little more strap so I can tell exactly where on your strap this is. I'll compare it to mine.
  5. pinklady98 is a really, really good MPRS seller. I'm sure it's authentic... maybe just the stitching is slightly off. LV has been known to not get it perfect. I have ordered things directly from Elux and found slight problems with the alignment of stitches, etc..

    However, even an MPRS can make a mistake. Can you post more pics of the bag or a link to the auction?
  6. Hmm, seems weird, ahh, MPRS from HK. I don't know what to say. Maybe see what she can do for you, keep bugging her! Hehe.

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  8. Opps, the pictures in the auction are all gone already.

  9. I wish I knew how to write on the picture and circle exactly what is bugging me.
  10. Hun, use Windows Paint! Hehe, do the circle and then save it and repost it here?

  11. Ahhhhh...I am trying.
  12. If you can post some pics of the bag, the LV made in stamp, the date code, the interior lining, etc... we can take a better look.
  13. Hehe, good luck!

  14. Hi, I mean this in the nicest way possible, but I think you are being too critical. If the bag is in great shape aside from some "thick stitching" and it is authentic I would use it and be happy I got a like new bag for below retail.:smile: Like Carol said, LV bags have been known to have a few issues.

    I have friends who are never quite happy with bags they purchase on eBay. What they really want is a new bag from Louis Vuitton. That's always my advice to them, buy new.

    I don't know pinklady's return policy, but I know if someone emailed me about "thick stitching" and wanting a refund...well they wouldn't be getting one.:shame:
  15. No, I love the bag and would never return it over a small problem such as that. To me it is not a big deal, I just wanted to make sure my bag was authentic.

    Thanks for all of your help.
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