Please Help Me!

  1. I'm trying to find these boots.

    I recently went on eBay and found the perfect one and got outbidded at the last moment. And then I found another one and it was Buy It Now and I went to log in and when I got back it was gone:crybaby: . I was wondering if you guys could keep your eyes out for one under $500 and if you can help me im a size EU 38 and US 7.5. Thanks
  2. Be wary of fakes on eBay..these boots are getting much harder to find, and the most popular sizes seem to be 38-39, too. Typical!:yes:

    I'll keep an eye out for you, but i also want a pair myself (lol) so i may have to fight you for them..:graucho: ;)

    Don't forget to try all the usual internet sites (NAP etc) too, sometimes the odd pair pop up now and again.
  3. look on eBay, put be sure to post pix to authenticate
  4. Thanks