Please help me wonderful ladies on tPF!

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  1. So after entering the real world and having to work and pay bills...I no longer have the kind of stupid shopping habits I had in college :lol:

    Well I finally finished a really big project and to reward myself I want to get a new pair of shoes!

    Now here is my dilemma.. I've always wanted to have a pair of plain patent black and poudre ("nude") So Kates that I could pair with my boyfriend jeans for a casual chic look or when I want to go out. So with what I'm allowing myself with I can either get the two pairs...orrr I would get another pair of Valentino Rockstud pumps.

    I love my RS pumps...I think wear them almost too much? I have to take my shoes back to the cobbler for the second time this year already because the heels have been caught in so many just looks bad.

    What do you think?
  2. A black patent or nude patent pair of SK would suit your needs. They are a classic and versatile.
  3. Okay, so I have both (Valentino rockstuds, and black patent so Kate's). However, and this is a big HOWEVER, I still have yet to wear my so Kate's because of how painful they are, and I can walk in heels easy. RS gets all my love when I was to go out and actually be active and cute. If you don't already have Loubs try out both and see. Congrats on finishing your work project, whatever you choose I'm sure you'll love ️