Please help me with these Cameron Diaz Bag and shoes

  1. I really love this brown bag and these yellow shoes she's been spotting lately.Could you tell which brands?Thanks a lot!

  2. the bag seems a chloe silverado to me.
  3. The bag is a silverado and the shoes might be Marc Jacobs /Alaia azzedine.
  4. :yes: :yes: :yes: I think so!:heart:
  5. MJ shoes.
  6. I agree--Chloe and MJ! Two of my favs!
  7. wow!! thanks a lot girls!!! I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!! any idea where I could get them online?? I can't find them anywhere.... thanks again!!
  8. I've seen the style of the shoes in Oz selling around $500 but the one i saw was in green -blue colour not yellow