Please help me with the Hillier hobo!

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I've decided that I have to have this bag in black. It will be my first MBMJ so I'm a bit clueless. So far I know that the hardware can be gold or silver and it comes in 2 sizes. I'm only 5' tall so I think I'll go with the small. Is the lining different each season? Is the leather? How do I choose? Also, is retail for the small $398 and the large $498? If so, the prices on ebay seem to be close to retail. Are they that hard to find? Lots of fakes? Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me!
  2. I'd wait for a sale. You can get it for 25-30% off depending on the store and sale. I got both of mine from the Saks FF sale for 25% off I think... I'm also 5' and have it in both sizes. The small is ok for everyday use for me and I dont really carry a lot. The huge one really is huge. I like big bags so it's ok for me but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it. It does hold a lot more but may get pretty heavy. I think spring had silver hw but fall's line will have gold again. Leather is thick and durable. I love mine!
  3. I want a black Hillier too, I'm about 5'2" and I think the reason I haven't pulled the trigger yet is that after trying them both the small is too small and the large is just a bit too big. I'll probably go w/ the big, but if there was a medium size I'd hand over the credit card in a skinny minute. Are you thinking gold or silver hardwear?

    The prices on *bay are pretty close to retail, I've noticed that too. I don't know if there are fakes, but I always think you should have it authenticated here.

    Good luck, make sure to let us know what you do!
  4. I'm thinking silver hardware. Is the lining different?
  5. I'm 5'4" and used to own a Small Hillier, and it was just the perfect-sized hobo. I highly, highly recommend the Small. I believe that the lining has been the black and white jumbled Marc Jacobs lettering for all the seasons it was released. The leather varies slightly, but not by much. It's not like the Groovee where some seasons were lambskin/fragile thin leather and others were thick and pebbly. All of the Hilliers I've seen have had soft, thick, luscious leather. ;)

    How do you choose? Between what, exactly? It sounds like you want a black Hillier, a small would be a good size for you, and personally I think the gold hardware really dresses up the style and makes it special. I believe you're right about the prices you mentioned.

    If you're lucky, you can get a very gently used small Hillier for around $300. They are very common and not hard to find at all. Fakes do exist for this style.
  6. Awesome info! Thanks! As for choosing, I thought that this bag might have different linings or leather each season but if it doesn't, all I have to do now is wait! :popcorn:
  7. I'm like.. 5'1" and I love my HUGE hillier. The small was too small for me. I liek a little extra room for a sweater or something. Definitely have it authenticated on here before buying, they do fake these.
  8. I'm about 5'3 and I have the huge hillier and I love it! I tried on the small one and it wasnt big enough for me and it has more of a stiffness compared to the large one. Depends on your preference whether you like the small or the large one better. I would say if u get black to get the gold harware, its just os gorgeous it brightens up the black bag. I actually found mine for a great deal like 399 or something so keep checking ebay until u find a great deal or wait til NM have their big sales or something. do get it authenticated first. Good luck!
  9. Thanks everyone for all the great advice!
  10. I think Hillier hobos in black are hard to find, especially in the smaller/medium size. I've tried many stores online and they're all sold out- Bloomies, Zappos, Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys... That is probably why they sell for close to or often more than retail on auction sites. I can't see any crease in the first photo. Just be aware that this item is in Canada so there may be some extra fees due to shipping/customs...that is if you live in the USA.
  11. I have a small black Hillier w/gold hardware - might be S/S 2008, b/c I bought it NWT on sale last Oct/Nov from a lovely ebay boutique. I'm 5'6" and since I was buying this sight-unseen, I thought the large would be a bit too big, so I went with the small, and I LOVE THIS BAG! The leather's so nice, thick, and supple, and the gold hardware on mine is blingin'! The lining is the only thing I don't really like, but whatever - it's inside the bag. It's probably, hands-down, my go-to bag, since it's black, and it's a small (but big enough) size to take almost anywhere. I don't carry a lot (phone, small wallet, small Coach cosmetics case, sometimes Nintendo DS lite), so it's the perfect size for me. I would like to get a large sometime, but probably in a brown like Tan or that other beautiful brown color...that I can't remember the name of right now.

    I have pictures on my rarely-updated blog, so here's the link for reference:

    Hope that helps you!
  12. Fleur -- Have you called Bloomingdales? Do they carry this bag? They are pre-selling for their Private Sale, 30% with $25 off for every $100 up to $100. If the bag retails for $398, you could get the small for around $203 + tax & shipping!
  13. The small looks great crossbody! Thanks for pics nekostar.
    Thanks for the info iluvmybags. Will check into it!
  14. i'm 5'6 and own the blue large hillier. i think this bag the large is a bit too large and the small is way too small. i had a small tan one i purchased last year and had to return it because nothing fits and it just doesnt look right because im on the taller side. the large bag is fine for my size fram but the bag is so huge for no reason.

    i got mine at the last private sale so i guess i got a good deal. but if your short you should get the small size. i noticed that the newer hillier bags the small size is SMALLER than the original small size. but that could just be me.

    And yes as some people mentioned before the black is sold out almost everywhere so thats probably why prices on ebay are close to retail but im sure you will be able to find it in one of the large stores nordies, saks etc. if you call around u might have some luck

    good luck!