Please help me with Size of Yotruche 70 python-effect pumps

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Which one I should choose?

  1. Yoyo Yotruche 70

  2. Yoyo Nude 70

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  1. Hi everybody,
    I'm a newbie in this forum. I just received 2 pairs of Yotruche 70 python-effect pump. I ordered them in size 38 and 38.5
    + For the 38 ones, I feel a little bit tight.
    +For the 38.5, it's a little bit loose for me. When I'm trying to walk around, my feet keeps on slipping out.
    Do you think which one I should keep? For the 38 ones, do you think it will stretch a bit after a while?If so, I can keep them:yahoo: If not, then I gotta go with the 38.5, but I'm not sure if there's a solution for that.
    And also, do you know what is python-effect? Do you think between this pair and the yoyo 70 nude, which one look better as wedding shoes and more versatile? Thanks so much for your info ;)

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  2. They are lovely shoes, congratulations :smile:

    In terms of sizing, I'm not entirely sure what "python effect" means - I imagine it will stretch, though, as most shoe materials do eventually. For this reason, I would keep the 38 as I really can't stand to be stepping out of my shoes. You could always put heel grips and half-insoles in the 38.5 if the 38 are really painful, it's up to you!
  3. Hi , go with the 38 :smile: they do stretch .. i have the 100 youtrouche black ostrich and they were tad tight after an hour of wear they stretched ALOT that i had to pad them. i think Outnet uk made a mistake they arent python embossed IMO , i cant remmeber whether the US site listed the 70's as pyhton embossed or ostrich . sorry!

    and for future refrence please post sizing questions here
  4. I would go for the Yoyo for a wedding shoe. The metal heel for the Youtruche feels less formal.
  5. ^Agree with Jet.
    Nude satin yoyo and you can dye them later after the wedding.
  6. Agree 38 all the way. These are ostrich and gorgeous! I would go with these over nude satin for your wedding because the satin shows every slight fingerprint and smudge and I actually really like the metal heel. Hope you have a fabulous day whatever you decide!!
  7. My moms has them.. and they are TTS altough NOT for wide feet, having said that I'm pretty obssessed with such a mistake... they are NOT python-like or python-inspired or python-made of. In any way.

    The skin is like this because it comes from Ostrich legs.. and not body (where the skin in plain with some several and regular dotty paterns..)

    hope this helps !

    gorgeous pair :smile:
  8. Thanks for everybody advices :smile: I love them too and will keep them. But still looking for a youyou 70 nude pair. IMHO, this pair is sexy and good for "first dance". and the nude pair will be good for walking down the aisle. The only thing now i'm sad is when I receive my pair, there's a scratch on the red sole. Do you gals know how to fix this? TIA and have a nice weekend :hugs: