Please help me with Rolex choice

  1. Hi,
    I just recently ordered a Rolex ladies Datejust, with the SS Oyster bracelet, 18k white gold domed bezel, white golddust mother of pearl with Diamonds Dial. The jewler just called me and said that in order for me to do the domed bezel I have to have gold on the bracelet, adding an additional $2000, and it would have to be yellow gold or rose gold,making it two tone!!! I dont like two tone. Or else I have to choose the Fluted bezel. What do you all think about the fluted bezel? I don't love it. My other choice would be to change to the Jubilee bracelet in Stainless steel. What do you think of the Jubilee instead of the Oyster bracelet. Thanks so much in advance!!!!!!
  2. Jubilee is classic and dressier while oyster is more sporty IMO. Depends on your taste and lifestyle. I have both with jubilee and oyster bracelets but I wear my SS oyster more since I dress casually on regular days. I would also choose the dome bezel over fluted. Its modern and more subtle.
  3. I prefer the oyster bracelet, no two -tone on a watch, the fluted bezel is not my ideal either, I don't see why you can't have your watch the way you want it, maybe contact someone else?
  4. As far as I remember,if you have a white gold bezel you don,t have to have any other metal on the bracelet apart from stainless steel,the very popular ladies s/steel datejust with white gold bezel was like this,the white gold was good for ladies as it gave them access to a huge variety of dials if they would want to change it at a later date.Go through this little list-
    Have you chosen a dial whose color belongs on a yellow/white model?
    You haven't by any chance chosen a mixed metal case,ie yellow bezel?
    Has your jeweller misinterpreted your request?
    I will give my freind the Rolex Tech a call,but I'll have to wait a bit,he won't be in work yet on this side of the pond!!!!!
    BTW,if you can have a jubliee bracelet does he say that is ok to be all steel?
    I'll post back on here in a bit with the info.xxxxxxxx
  5. ok miss delhoya, I spoke to my freind the Rolex tech,and he has unfortunately confirmed what your jeweller has said,Rolex don't produce the domed bezel in white gold,so you can't have a diamond dial, you can however have them with the white gold fluted bezel(there has to be some form of gold on the watch somewhere before Rolex will allow you to have diamonds on the dial)
    You can get close to what you want,oyster bracelet,smooth bezel but no diamonds.I know what you mean about the fluted bezel,I was'nt overly taken by it and went for a smooth bezel but I was'nt overly fussed on having diamonds,my watch is the mid-size,and incidentally if you want diamonds this size carries a fluted bezel very well without it looking too fussy.Mine is the older style on a jubilee bracelet,with a 'rhodium' color dark silver/grey dial.
    If you went for the fluted bezel and diamonds on an oyster bracelet it would cut down the overall fussiness of the watch,hope this helps you out?xxx
    PS I love the oyster b/let too but I wear it on a gents sports GMT2,I have also photographed them side by side,and together on my wrist to give you a bit of a guide on size(I think the jubillee worksv.well on a slightly bigger watch,but that is entirely a personal preference)
    jewellery and key ring 011.JPG jewellery and key ring 014.JPG jewellery and key ring 012.JPG
  6. God!!! Another Ps!!!! Sorry,my Rolex tech freind also said they only do the domed bezel in steel or colored gold,pink or yellow,its a bit rubbish that Rolex do this,you have to have a gold bezel to have diamonds,but it does keep some of thier ranges a little more exclusive,just like you can only have the pale powder blue dial on a completely platinum watch!!!
    Incidentally the smooth bezel has only ever been produced in steel,which is a great shame,and it has'nt changed with the introduction of the replacement domed bezel.Ho hum,hoping this helps you?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. chaz is your midsize the 31 or 34 mm?
  8. Mines the 31mm,the 34mm is the ladies pearlmaster that is precious metal,as far as I'm aware and v.v.v.expensive!!!! Have look on the Rolex official website,there are some truly yummy watches on there!!! Gives out all info such as sizes etc,just does'nt give much of a range of steel watches and dials, its more of an overveiw really,but have a look and enjoy!!!!!!
  9. I guess it really depends on if you want the diamonds or the option to add them later on...I agree the osyter bracelet is more sport and jubliee more classic. Personally, I prefer the jubilee and teh fluted bezel. I thought it that I wouldn't really like it but when I saw it in person I thought it was actually pretty delicate and love love that it almost appears facted in the light. I just got the ladies size w/ white gold fluted bezel, MOP dial and jubilee bracelet and I love it but all the different styles are a very personal preference so you just need too go with what you love the best! I was debating the two tone because I thought that when I am older I might prefer it to the all white...but right now at 25 I really prefer the sleekness of an all white watch. The AD also told me that generally the two tone Rolex sells to ladies over 35 although ladies over 35 also buy all white, but the two tone is mosly bought by 35 & up because they want to incorporate the yellow gold jewelry that they already have. Although, yellow gold jewelry is coming back imo...
  10. you can buy a separate bracelet, I did have an oyster for my mide-size and swopped it over whenever I felt like a change,unfortunately we moved house
    and I have'nt seen it since,its a much cheaper option than having two watches!!! And swopping the bracelets over is very easy,just a bit fiddly( I'm sure your local jeweller would help you out)So why don't you enquire on the cost of a bracelet,from memory the oyster ia cheaper than the jubillee.
  11. thanks for the info chaz - didn't know you could do that. i've been debating the jubilee or oyster bracelet so maybe now i can have both :smile:
  12. Thanks so much Chaz!! I ended up with the Jubilee braclet in SS with the 18k white gold fluted bezel, White gold dust over mother of pearl, with Diamonds. It didn't as bad as I thought, and it sorta has the classic Rolex look. My only issue was that I really wanted the diamonds and the domed bezel, so I chose the diamonds over the bezel. I could have got an all stainless steel with the domed bezel, but no diamonds, like you said, but I think the jubliee/fluted/diamonds looked best, IMO.... Thanks again, I'll post pics when I get it on Saturday!!!!!!
  13. Hoooraaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!Congratulations on your watch!!!!!!!! Yes,please post pics,modelling ones too,I'm absolutely sure I'm not the only one whose dying to see it and share your joy!!!! Well done honey!!!!!!!!

    The reason that Rolex do the domed/polished bezel in steel is because its a much more robust metal than white gold and as that paticular type of bezel does show up bumps and scuffs more easily,its easier to re-furbish,and in the meantime is best suited to busy life in that form,the fluted design does carry bump and scuff marks off very well,and with the slighlty softer metal this design,again is best suited to that metal.Just in case any of you may be wondering why Rolex do this.xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. Thanks again!! I post pics as soooon as it gets here!
  15. have you tried the mid-size before ordered the ladies one?