Please Help me with PAYPAL!

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  1. Hey you guys! :tup:

    I just have a quick question! I just now applied for a Paypal account, and its verifying.

    How long did it take you guys for the bank statement deposit to go through?

    Thanks, I want to pay for my newly won MC Alma on eBay.

    Thanks so much!

    Forever grateful,

    Sophia. :heart:
  2. I think this belongs on the eBay forum. However, depending on your bank it usually takes about 2-3 days! So if you did it today, check tomorrow & Satirday (if your bank updates on Saturdays)...otherwise probably not until Monday.
  3. Moved to correct forum for u

    I recently got took only 2 days for me
  4. Oh, im sorry you guys!

    Im such a doofus for placing it here! Sorry!

    Thanks you guys!

    I look forward to getting my Paypal account!