Please help me with my wedding theme

  1. Hi, I am getting married next year and am having it at Sheene Mill which is a beautiful restaurant and hotel with gorgeous gardens and a mill with swans. I am having it outside under the pagoda (weather permitting!) and it should be lovely. I originally wanted a Jenny Packham wedding dress as I don't like the flouncy meringue ones but they didn't suit me so I have chosen this one:


    Which is still ethereal looking. Originally I wanted an English country wedding thing with flowers in vintage perfume bottles etc and Matthew is going to just wear a really nice suit, no matching suits or top hat and tails. But now I am thinking of A Midsummer Nights dream kind of thing. I think I will have loose waves in my hair and a plaits at the side taking it back if that makes sense?

    But I am getting stressed about everything else! I thought for bridesmaids I would choose dresses that mimic the shape of mine but are knee length and I thought they could possible wear ballet pumps? Also, flowers, what do you think of pastel blues, pinks, yellows, lilacs and greens? What flowers would be good for a Midsummer nights dream? Is there anything else I could do? And what do you think of this cake?


    Do you think it fits the theme? I don't want it to be tacky, just classy and kind of understated, kind of informal if that makes sense? What else could I do? Any ideas? I have a string quartet playing while I go up the aisle and while people have champagne and canapes, can you think of anything I could put in the garden? Someone said about garlands of butterflies but I think that might look tacky? Also what colour bridesmaid dresses? Also going to have Gina diamante shoes!

    Sorry but need a bit of help! xxx
  2. Hiii...everything sounds beautiful and I'm sure no matter what you pick it will look fantastic! My cousin had a wedding in this theme and she had her flower girls have little fairy wings and a circle of flowers in their hair. The reception area was decorating in lush reds and golds and greens with velvet table covers. I think the bridesmaids dresses and shoes sounds lovely and I'm sure they will be nice and comfortable in the ballet slippers. Your jewelry should be light and with precious stones..this website is good for jewelry, she does an AWESOME job and will do custom orders For my wedding, the girls wore JCREW dresses and those are floaty and come in tons of colors and are pretty inexpensive. They wore the tea length black version of the EMILY and they were $150. I hope these help you a little!!
  3. Thank you so much!
  4. I love the idea for the theme! I think with your flowers you should add some green-ness- leaves or ferns maybe? I think of lilies when I think of midsummer nights dream- and miniature roses.

    As far as the cake goes, I think it is really pretty- but the colors of those butterflies don't seem like they would go with your pastel flower theme. Maybe do pastel butterflies? Or decorate with flowers instead?
  5. PS- I really love that dress!
  6. Good idea about the butterlies, I thought about maybe some ivy?
  7. Oh my, that dress is so lovely! I love the theme you are going with so far, is it sort of a garden theme? Maybe when you are choosing your centerpieces, you could go w/ something with a lot of greens, something more earthy.
  8. Maybe something like this?[​IMG]Or this

    I just love weddings!!!!!:girlsigh: Good luck!!!!
  9. Oooh ivy! I love ivy!