Please help me with my snakeskin Chanel flap!!

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  1. I have this gorgeous bright red Chanel snakeskin flap that I rarely used. But I went out last night and accidentally spilled food on it, and one side of corner got wet!:cry: Apparently it turned darker and now I don't know what to do. I'm so heartbroken!!! Do you think if I take it in to Chanel, they could fix this or do i need to go to special place that treats leather of this kind??
  2. awww, that sucks :sad:

    How large is the blemish? Honestly, I'm not sure if I would send this particular bag off to Chanel. Chanel takes 6 to 8 weeks for standard cleaning/repairs, and yours could take much longer.

    Also, the bag will be shippped and handled by multiple people along the way, some of whom are not as careful as you might like. While it might not be so bad if your caviar or lambskin sustains some scratching (mine once came back with a small tear), snakeskin will lift/curl/peel if not handled and stored carefully. There is a small risk that your bag will not come back to you the way you sent it off.

    I don't mean to scare you off from their repair service. For the most part, I am satisfied with their repairs. Just weigh the pros and cons for your particular bag. :flowers:

  3. 2 places I would try.

    a cobbler who has experience with exotics

    a furrier.. I know it sounds strange, but they are used to dealing with all sorts of things.. so I would take it and inquire if they can clean it.. never know
  4. I see your located in LA so I would try taking it to Chanel Beverly Hills first. Stores in major cities often are able to service bags locally. Also taking it to another place first might void any Chanel warranty and then you risk Chanel not being willing to help if they can. To be honest snakeskin is delicate and if it got darker I don't think it's fixable.
  5. Snakeskin flaps can generally be cleaned with a slightly dampened cotton cloth. Since snake scales are water resistant, avoid using excessive water or soap products, since these will simply run off the scales and down to the membrane, which will cause drying and curling of the scales.

    My guess is that whatever you spilled on your bag probably reacted with the chemicals used during tanning which caused your flap to darken... If you wish to try treating the bag yourself, make sure you use conditioners formulated specifically for snake/reptile skins. These conditioners are lighter in chemical composition than most general use leather conditioners; the wrong conditioner may leave behind a residue that will build up around the membranes holding the scales, eventually causing the scales to crack or fall off completely.

    TBH for such an expensive bag, I wouldn't risk doing anything to it myself. Better to send it off to Chanel ASAP and see what they can do. Or try someone with tons of experience with exotics, but make sure you try Chanel first.
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    Sorry for the late response. Thank you ladies for your kind advice!:smile: I took it to Chanel and they wouldn't take it because it is python(I always thought it was water snake skin for some reason!).

    Chanel recommended this leather specialist located right on next block from their Rodeo drive store. The place is called "Stephani's" Apparently, there was no way to clean the delicate leather but the owner said he can re-dye the whole bag and make it perfectly even out. It only costed me $200 and it was the best thing I've ever done to it.

    Python bag's color was fading a little bit and lambskin on chain strap had some darkening before. But now my bag turned out like a brand new exotic skin bag, only much brighter, stunning coral-red color!!! I was so happy with a result and I want to recommend this place to anyone who needs great repair job done for their precious handbags. He treats all kinds of leather, fix handbags and shoes to perfection!
  7. do you mind posting some pic?? i would love to see the result. TIA!!
  8. ^ya, pics? the darkening may be grease from food too.
  9. oh wow, what a great resolution to a scary situation! pics please? I wanna drool over your yummy red python!!
  10. I tried to locate Stephani's with no luck. Would you please post their address and/or phone number?