Please help me with my reply to buyer who did NOT read listing

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  1. I sold something on ebay I listed the doll as missing certain items and the box having been flattened for storage.The buyer emails after she pays and says I was out of town couldnt ask questions is the box in good condition and is doll missing anything This information was fully and clearly disclosed at the beginning of my listing How would you respond This is frustrating
  2. I would just remind her that everything was accuratley described in the auction and see if she still wants it. If she gives you a hard time, you can always refund her $ and get your selling fees back from ebay and cancel the transaction. Hopefully she won't be too hard to deal with. Good Luck!
  3. yes tell her ..yes the box was flattened for storage and the doll is missing this....Be polite and hopefully she will still want it.I would much rather do this now then her get it and then try to get a refund...good luck
  4. "Dear buyer, I'm very sorry you weren't able to ask the questions prior to auction's end. In the description, I mention xxxxx yyyyyy zzzzzz, and that the box was flattened when it was stored. Given your questions after you won the auction, I'm prepared to refund your money and mutually agree to cancel the transaction."

    Cuz ya just have to know she'll be more aggravation than it is worth if you do anything BUT refund, y'know?
  5. Perfect!

  6. Totally agree that's excellent!
  7. "Dear Buyer: Next week I will be auctioning off a reading comprehension lesson. The auction will include a test. I suggest you bid on it. Thanks again"

    (just kidding but I hate dumb questions)
  8. I woke up feeling slightly "flat" this morning....that's just cheered me up a treat !:biggrin:
  9. So when I worded my reply very carefully asking her to reread the listing and telling her we could cancel the transaction she replied that I was being hostile and yes she still wanted it There is just no pleasing some people.

  10. Agree here..
  11. She is fishing for a partial. Hold your ground. No partials.

  12. Some people on ebay these are very temper-mental. They want it their way, regardless if they are wrong or not. It's kind of annoying don't ya think ?
  13. I'm curious what kind of doll this is. I sold a doll and had a very similar experience. She was basically fishing for a refund, so I refunded the money with a nice email. She then wrote back, very angry...probably fishing for a partial refund and keep the item. If you want to PM me her name, I'll see if it is the same person!! Like the others said...hold your ground! Paypal can be a nightmare if someone is trying to get one over on you...doesn't seem to hold much protection. Good Luck!!

  14. :yes:

  15. I'd assure her that I certainly wasn't trying to be hostile and that I was just trying to point out that everything had been clearly stated in the auction listing and that if she still wanted the doll, I'd happily send it to her, but could she please, first, confirm that she was OK with what was and wasn't included and the condition stated?

    Do NOT agree to a partial refund, in this instance - partial refunds are only intended for unmentioned flaws, damage and missing items - NOT for those things that were clearly listed. :nogood: