Please help me with my next bag!!!


Opinion on my next bag?

  1. 35cm Rouge H Box Birkin G h/w

  2. 35cm Black Box Birkin G h/w

  3. 32cm Rouge H Chamonix White Stitch HAC G h/w

  4. 32cm Rouge H Chamonix White Stitch Kelly PH h/w

  5. Black Porosus Croc Kelly Elan

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  1. Hello there, I really could use some help. I am very very bad at making H purchase decisions. Let's say you own the following bags:

    - 23cm Rouge H G h/w Constance
    - Rouge H Chamonix white stitch G h/w Dalvy
    - 30cm Rouge H Clemence PH h/w Birkin
    - 32cm Natural Barenia HAC PH h/w
    - Noisette Box Shogun dayclutch
    - Black porosus croc Lydie clutch G h/w
    - 32cm Chocolate Box Sellier Kelly PH h/w
    - 28cm Natural Chamonix Sellier Kelly G h/w

    but your very special reseller just located a number of bags you have been searching for:

    - 35cm Rouge H Box G h/w Birkin
    - 35cm Black Box G h/w Birkin
    - 32cm Rouge H Chamonix white stitch G h/w HAC
    - 32cm Rouge H Chamonix white stitch PH h/w Kelly
    - Black porosus croc Kelly Elan

    Since these are all in near perfect condition, I really couldn't decide. All I know is that I can only affort to buy one as a X'mas gift to myself.
    black gold box.gif chamonix rouge h gold hac.gif rouge white stitch birkin.jpg kelly elan 2.jpg rouge white stitch.jpg
  2. LTC: I'm luvin' the Rouge H Chamonix bags! You have a few red bags already in your collection and you have a few clutches too.

    I think go for the Black Box GH Birkin!
  3. Black porosus croc Kelly Elan :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. I have to go with the Rouge H hac...Surprise, surprise!
  5. croc all the way....
  6. black box birkin. it's the one color /leather combo you don't have and it's a classic that will totally fit your collection.
  7. ^^actually, as much as I love the hac, I'm changing my vote to black box birkin.
  9. i'd go with the 35cm black box birkin with ghw. it will go nicely with your collection and its a timeless piece. hope this helps :yes:
  10. The croc.


    the croc

    Or maybe

    the croc

    LOL. More seriously though, all gorgeous bags, but think how difficult it would be to get an Elan since you can only SO them.
  11. ^^^Agree with Wongy. That Elan is impossible to get nowadays, except through a consignor.
  12. My first vote is for the Croc Kelly Elan! It must be so beautiful IRL. But if that somehow doesn't work, then my second vote is for the black box birkin -- so classic.
  13. I vote for the black box Birkin....:smile:
  14. I could narrow it down to Black Box Birkin OR the Croc *biting my nails*
  15. I'm torn betwen the black box Birkin and the Croc Kelly Elan. The practical side of me says you need a black Birkin but the Croc Kelly Elan is such a rare find and would be the worthy splurge. You can always do practical later.