Please Help Me with My Keys

  1. Ok, I wear all these great accesories and clothes and shoes, but when I'm getting ready to go somewhere or I'm walking around a store, I feel like a little kid with my keys. All of my keys are on a lanyard I bought from college a few years back. Are there any products you would suggest to hold my keys?

    I have a car key and a remote (which are fairly large) and a few average size keys (about 4 to be exact).

  2. How about a wapity? or just put your keys in your purse?
  3. I have a wapity, but I do not want to use that silly lanyard anymore.
  4. All I can think about is the key holder for six keys (you can always leave the remote hanging out of it):
    p10260842_ph_hero.jpg p10260842_ph_detail_01.jpg
  5. What about this cute little thing? I was thinking about getting one!

  6. I was thinking about the key holder. I was just scared that the car key and remote wouldn't fit inside. Maybe I'll just keep them outside of it like you said.
  7. This is too cute! It reminds me of those popcicles I used to have as a child.
  8. LOL, it does, doesn't it!?!
  9. Push pops!

    As for keys.... what about in your purse like the pocket inside if it has one?
  10. I have the vernis 4 key holder, and I keep my car key (which is a remote and key in one kinda thing) on the outside and the rest of my keys on the inside. It works quite well - keeps them neat and organized.
  11. I vote for a Cles. I've got a Vernis one and a Perfo one, but I never put my keys down inside it.
  12. I use the 4 key holder but they also make a 6 key holder. Love it, keys are always right there and when your not using them, they tuck nicely in your bag.
  13. I would love to see a photo of that! I have a huge remote key and didn't think it would fit.
  14. What about the Valet Key Holder?

    on elux

    You can put house keys on one end and your car keys on the other and then detach when necessary :yes: It also comes in vachetta and black leather with silver hardware.
  15. I have a Verrou, I just clip it on most of my bags & the keys kind of dangle in my bag, I can always find them.