Please help me with my H collection...

  1. So I finally have my Birkin/Hac collection to a place where I'm very content (save that one last dressy one that I'm searching for). But now I'm getting jittery and feel like I need to expand my horizons to other styles. I'm back to dreaming about massais and lindys.
    So here is what I have as far as Hermes
    Birkin 35- black togo with gh and charcoal clemence(forget the real color name) with ph
    Hac 32- black box with rh, gold vlwith ghw, mf fjord with gh
    Jpg - brown clemence with ph--on the chopping block but I'm having second thoughts and may need to keep this one. ;)
    Birkin 30 gold togo ph
    Still waiting for a black box gh hac 28 or birkin 30

    So here are my questions
    1. Should I keep the jpg-- love the look but it is such a look at me bag that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with the attention that I get when I carry it...
    2. I'd like to add a lindy and I'm thinking of etoupe ph clemence. what do you think?
    3. I'd love to add a massai---can't figure out the best color for this. I'm thinking gold with ph but I already have that combo in a hermes. Help!

    I am a neutral gal and just can't do color. I've tried but again the attention thing...just can't do it.

    I also have lots of chanel totes, mostly black with shw so i think I should stay away from that for the massai and the lindy.
  2. why don't you go to Hermes and just play with all the styles and see if anythign hits you.

    it maybe you are just a HAC gal

    maybe instead of a dressy HAC, go for a Kelly for some diversity?
  3. Tried the kelly but I'm just not a Kelly gal, GG...maybe some day in the future, but right now, it just doesn't seem to work for me.
  4. As much as I love JPG Birks, keep her on the chopping block.

    I completely feel ya on the attention thing. I don't mind passing looks, but when people really, really stare it makes me a little antsy. I'm a strong, confident woman, but I don't wear bags that scream "look at me" either. I completely adore colour, but when I have it in bags, they're small.

    Bottom line, if it makes you uncomfortable, for whatever reason, you will not wear it enough. Pass her on to a gal who doesn't give a whit and get a gorgous night bag that makes your heart sing!

    Lifes short, only carry the bags you truly love.
  5. ^^good advice, Angelfish...any thoughts on the massai and lindy?
  6. Why don't you sell the JPG BK and get a brown Masai or Lindy? Either Clemence in Café or Ebene, or Swift in Havane. I think botht these bags are gorgeous in dark brown!!:tup:
  7. ok here's my 2 cents....:smile:
    1. If you hesitate to carry it for any reason, I would say No, don't keep it. You should feel 100% comfortable with it.
    2. Yes! Lindy's are esp. beautiful in etoupe ph.. one of the best combos IMHO and a great neutral....
    3. Maybe a darker brown? I personally love the Massai in very dark brown...
  8. That sounds great. Without the jpg, I'll have no brown with ph so I think I'll try for ebene with ph in the Massai and stick with etoupe ph for the lindy.
  9. ^ sounds perfect! I had to laugh because as I was posting everybody had already said the exact same thing!
  10. RC, I agree with selling the JPG. Re: Lindy or Masai, either would be great--I love both styles--I wonder if the Masai may be more practical? There is a gorgeos chocolat or ebene clemence Lindy in the George V store's window right now. I am still not sold on swift so I'd say some sort of brown clemence for a Lindy or clemence or evergrain if you decide on the Masai.
  11. RockerChic- I hear you! I am also a neutral gal and do not like to draw too much attention with the bags...I declined a BJ JPG because i felt #1. the color is just not me even though I live in tropical weather and 2. in this color it would draw too much attention. I would have thought a color liek yours would solve this but I guess not:smile: The reality is its a lot of $$$ and YOU need to feel good!

    Love the Lindy or Massai idea...personally tend to prefer the Lindy. A lindy in ebene or chocolate with gold hardware would be a very nice addition to your collection or maybe even vert olive?
  12. Hmmm, I think this is going to need A LOT of investigation of the 17th! I agree with everyone else. Massai or Lindy is a tough call as they are both beautiful. You really need to try them to see, but for you I would lean to a Lindy....
  13. If you don't feel comfy with jpg birkin, I don't think you should keep it. I think Lindy is very nice. :smile:
  14. RC, is it possible you forgot the color graphite? You are such a graphite gal - I'm shocked! :lol:

    I saw you try on both the Massai and the Lindy and thought you looked amazing with both. So, I'm afraid I won't be much help....

    BTW, how is your hair???
  15. I'll come be your try-on model :p (RC and I tend to like the same things :yes:)