Please help me with my first purchase with Balenciaga bag

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  1. Hiiiii everyone....really need you guys opinion on which color to get?..l0l
    I wanted to get Giant Cover city style and couldn't decide if I should get the "outremer" or the "black"?

    I wear a lot of you guys think black will look nicer or I should get something in bold like outremer to give my outfit more color?..

    Not sure if outremer will look nice with black though?..what do you think? l0l
  2. I think Outremer would look fantastic with black ... a really nice pop of colour. Of course, black is also classic and will go with anything. Not much help am I? :smile: If I were making the decision though, I think I'd lean towards Outremer just because I usually like bright bags.

    What colour are you leaning towards?
  3. Thanks for the reply:hugs:...yea I was thinking outremer too since it's a rare color but I am worry if I can't pull it off with the color since all my clothes are you own a black balengiaga yourself? do you use that color the most..?? ^^ thanks again
  4. Black is a great way to go! Very classic!
  5. outremer is hot as . . .

    You are in a Win-Win, both are/either is awe-fricking-some . . . : )

  6. hi. sorry i couldn't figure out how to make a new thread. i have a question. i want to get a balenciaga bag, i am thinking i want to get the first. but i am worried about dye transfer from clothes. whats a good color to get that i would not have to worry about dye transfer. also should i spray it with apple guard when i first get it to protect it?
  7. Outremer! It's such an amazing color, unless you happen to come across a 2005 mint black that is reasonably priced, or some other amazingly perfect black. Cause you can always get black.
  8. Black
  9. get the outremer! black is available all year round...
  10. Outremer!
    I agree with others, black will still be there next season:smile:
  11. I just purchased the outremer city, HOT, HOT. I had hard time trying to decide b/w black and outremer as well, but when i went to Neiman Marcus and saw the actual outremer city, i just had to get it without a second thought. This color looks even better in actual than in pics. Definitly looks great with black or white outfit. This season's best color in my opinion.
  12. Are you able to see the colors IRL? I would go with Outermer, Black is in every season. You can always return if you don't think it will go with your clothes. Good Luck!
  13. l0l thank you so much guys! :love:

    Sounds like I should get the outremer I am going to the store to buy it today.
    Balenciaga purse is so pretty I think I just became a hugh fan of it! This will be bad for my wallet.:graucho:
  14. I don't currently have a Black City (I had an '08, but sold it to fund other bags ... oh, the endless cycle!). I would definitely like to add one back in the future though ... it's such a classic.

    I think you couldn't go wrong with either, but I do think the Outremer would look fantastic again dark clothes.

    Edited to add: I see you have decided on the Outremer. Great choice! Be sure to post pics when you get it! :smile:
  15. Black without a doubt.