Please help me with my first Birkin!

  1. Is this a 30 or 35 Birkin? Is the color gold? And the leather? (I like epsom, vache liegee and chevre - but which leather is Mrs. Hiltons Birkin?)

    I want to order my first Birkin and I want THIS one:yes:
    It is absolutely perfect!

    Sorry for my english:shame: Reading is no problem - but writing:rolleyes:

    Thank you all for your help!
  2. its gold togo with silver hardware --35cm
  3. the sixe is great since its a 35cm. you might want to think about other leather options. togo can be quite heavy
  4. Gold Togo, Palladium hardware, and lovely-- though I agree with Luxe, a bit heavy! And your English is fine :tup: Welcome to tPF!
  5. Togo is lightweight compared to Clemence.
    It always feels like a lugging a boulder those Clemence bags.
  6. Thank you so much!

    What do you think about epsom? Or vache liegee? Or chevre?

    I don´t like soft leather.
  7. Hi there, I have an Epsom and a Vache Liegee. Bags in these leathers tend to hold their shape well, compared to Clemence which is softer and slouchy. I find that they're also more resilient to scratched compared to a Clemence.

    Vache Liegee is the leather H uses for luggage. And it costs a bit more than the normal leathers, I believe. I think you can find more info about each leather in the reference section.

    Good luck with your hunt!
  8. Hi KleineSushi, gold with PH is a wonderful choice for a first birkin. Your preference for more structure rules out togo, clemence or swift.
    In terms of structured leather, personally I prefer
    2.vache liegee
    Let us know what you end up with, good luck!:tup:
  9. Thank you!!

    I think I prefer chevre. I love the structure! But the price....:rolleyes:
  10. :tup::tup::tup: Chevre's my choice for my next bag. But didn't someone mention something about chevre not being available for larger sizes? Something about small goats. I could be wrong. Not sure.

  11. goatskin is currently for 32 and smaller.............
  12. Wow that will be my dream Hermes too, if only I have the money. Is this hard to find?
  13. Fjord is another leather you might want to consider. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the suggestions. You might want to consider all these options and see which leather you can get your hands on faster.
  14. I love VL - I have a VL Kelly. If gold is the colour you are seeking, then gold in VL is slightly different to gold togo like the picture you have shown, it's a bit lighter and slightly 'peachier' rather than orange. I have a pic comparing the 2...

    Here you go, look at the 2 bags in the middle - the Kelly is gold VL and the squooshy Picotin begind it is also gold but in clemence (which is the same gold shade as togo)
    It's not a great pic but you can see some difference:

  15. I first Birkin was a 30 cm gold togo with PH hardware. I think it's a good choice for a first Birkin. Whether you go for 30 cm or 35 cm depends on which one suits your style.