Please help me with my black Uggs.

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  1. I have the black Uggs with the pockets on the sides-sry don't remember the name. I've had them for about 2 to 3 years and I haven't had a problem with it previously. But this year, I wore them out in the snow a couple of times and they look all faded and whitish. So I bought the Ugg cleaner hoping that it would help even a little bit. But now there's like white stains on them-not like the white stains from salt. followed directions but I guess maybe I scrubbed a little too hard, or used too much cleaner, or my strokes were all wrong?

    anyway..I don't know what to do anymore. should i try cleaning it again? or just use a little water on cloth to go over it? I was looking up online for cleaning and repair sites..but I think they're a little expensive but I'd probably send it to them as a last resort. meantime, any reccommendations on what to do?
  2. Do you think the dye has come off?
  3. I'm not sure...I could still see the black underneath the white spot. but if it did come off, u think the shoe guy will be able to do something about it?
  4. I would contact Ugg customer service and ask them about this, since it is their cleaner that did it. Your Uggs are out of warranty, but I'm sure they can help you with your problem. And you never know...maybe they will give you a discount toward a new pair?