Please help me with my 1st Chanel

  1. .... hi girls! finally decided to take the plunge and buy my first Chanel...!

    ... i really really love the hybrid with bijoux distressed leather... is this still available in the stores?

    though i've decided to get that... i'm unsure abt what color i should get.... white... or black....???

    white seems so pretty but is it high maintenance?

    black looks great but the color seem more gray than black...and looks very 'used' ...i'd love a 'black' black bag... and not sure if this is a right one...

    i can' decide... any opinions?????

  2. Hi Ingenue -

    I too LOVE those distressed leather hybrids. In the past month I've seen the medium size in white, black and red and the jumbo in brown. The red and brown are gorgeous. The black was a little too "gray" for me IRL but it is still a beautiful bag. Personally, I would not get a white bag because I would have it filthy in about two minutes! That being said, a lot of girls have gorgeous white Chanels that they adore.

    Good luck in your decision and be sure to post pics of whatever you get!
  3. ^do you think white caviar would be hard to clean?
  4. I don't think white caviar would be hard to clean as that leather is "stiffer". These distressed bags "look" like caviar but they are VERY soft leather and would probably absorb dirt easier/faster?
  5. Hi photomj.....

    i've not seen a black distressed IRL.... only from photos.... some appear to be quite black ... some appear to quite gray.... when you mention a little too gray... is that way off from black???

  6.'s definitely black, but looks like the color has rubbed off? Does that make sense?!? It's not a deep, inky black....