Please help me with LV wallet

  1. except no window id, the rest is perfect..thank you
  2. thanks guys, both seem promising
  3. A clear ID window is obviously convenient, but for security reasons, it's a bad idea. If you're holding your wallet open, someone can note your address and other info, and nothing should be visible to people when you're accessing your cards. I used to carry a wallet with credit card slots, and then a security expert said people around you are "shopping" your wallet to see if it's worth trying to steal. Now no one can see anything until I pull it out of a pocket.
  4. Get the zippy! I have it. Best wallet ever :love:
  5. i'm loving the koala.
  6. Zippy & Koala Are Fabulous
  7. Just got the Mono Koala, and it's both beautiful AND functional!