Please HELP me with dream bag

  1. I have seen a couple posts in the past few days talking about Carly with silver hardware. I have always LOVED Carly but I wear all white gold and silver jewelry and I love the look of silver with everything. Any color Carly with silver hardware is my dream bag. I have not seen the black/gray or black/black in person with silver but I want either. I will probably not be ordering until next month so I can save up and at least have a deposit to put on my credit card after I order it. DH is going to kill me. But if I have to I will order now. Does anyone know what the style number is and where I can order this bag from? Does anyone own this bag? Any pics?

    Thank you guys in advance. I lurk on this site alot and have learned so much and this is one of my first posts. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Just give JAX a call or your local Macy's because it may be there. I know the black and gray combo is at Macy's or Nordstrom's, not too sure but i know it's in one of the department stores.
  3. Sorry to let you down, but Coach has not yet made a Carly with silver hardware. I'm sure they will soon, it is such a popular bag they have to make some changes to it so they can sell more.
  4. Actually coach HAS made a carly with silver hardware, atleast in black/white. :yes: I would call JAX and that way you may be able to order it through a Coach store and get 25% off.. otherwise I would check out the dept stores. Good luck, and welcome! :tup:
  5. I saw a girl with a black/black silver carly and thought it was fake, I would love one.
  6. I looked at Dilliard's and Nordstrom's websites and they do have pictures of the black/white slim Carly on line it is $378. I think I will give JAX a call b/c I do have a PCE card that expires on the 29th. Thanks all!!!