PLEASE Help Me With Decision!!!

  1. I need help deciding which Balenciaga would be worth more to keep in the long run - both are 2004's. One is the lilac colored and the other is gray with silver hardware. Does anyone know which is the rarest and most valuable?
    Thanks for any help :s
  2. i'll keep the lilac.
    the colour is gorgeous!
  3. Based on the swatches the lilac looks beautiful but the grey has silver hardware :heart:

    Can't you keep both? :biggrin:

    If you can't why don't you keep the one you use the most?
  4. For me, I think the rarest would be the Gray, and yes, it's because it has silver hardware..which is really hard to find these days. I've been looking for one myself too but in other colour :biggrin:
  5. I would keep the one you use most but I really don't think in terms of investment. So I'm probably poor advise.
  6. I think anything with silver hardware is rare, but lilac is one of my holy-grail colors, so if I ever find it, I'm not letting it go ;). If you can't keep both, I say hold on to the one you like better...
  7. I think the lilac would have a higher "re-sellability" factor, since not many now have coveted the grey with silver hardware truly is...Plus, the rose is just that rare pink color that goes with everything.....

    But if I could...I'd keep both!! :graucho: