Please help me with Audrey and Sabrina model numbers


Jul 16, 2009
Ever since I saw the spectator audrey at the coach store - I can't stop thinking about getting either an audrey or sabrina I've been looking through the pics and the threads in this forum - trying to narrow down what I'm looking for.

I like small chubby I think I would like to get either the Audrey or Sabrina in the smallest size they made. In leather - but not patent leather.

In some modelling pics, I saw the smaller bags - but I'm not sure what the model number is - and I want to make sure that I get the right one, as I'll probably buy it online - so I won't have a chance to try it on first.

I think the smallest Sabrina is 12937 - is that right? And is the smallest Audrey 14316?

Thanks for your help! And I'd love to see any modelling pics if anyone has any!