Please help me with an ebay issue...

  1. I ordered some DVD's from a seller on eBay a few days ago and I've already paid with a credit card through pay-pal.

    Today I got emails from eBay saying the listings for the items I bought have been removed....

    "Unfortunately, eBay has removed this eBay Stores listing. All bids or offers on this listing have been canceled. Because the listing was ended, you no longer have any obligation to purchase this item."

    I've already paid for these items, but now I can't get a hold of the seller because they are no longer listed on eBay. Their entire store is no longer there....

    What do I do? How do I go about getting a refund? I emailed the seller with the email address that was attached to my pay-pal receipt but if the seller doesn't email back, then what do I do? How do I contact eBay and or pay pal about this?

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. Oh no this is not good :confused1: If they don't respond to your email you need to contact Ebay via the community link and report a problem there is a section for problems with other Ebay members, detail your issue there and Ebay should help. Alternatively you can contact Paypal via email or telephone the details are on the homepage of Paypal and they may be able to advise. Good luck :smile:
  3. Yes contact ebay at once.
    This happened to me one time, I had already paid....
    I did get a refund, but it took a few days.
  4. I would contact Ebay and Paypal for a refund. If worse comes to worse and neither Ebay or Paypal do anything I would dispute it with my credit card. Just keep everything in writing or keep notes in case you need to dispute.
  5. I would give the seller some time to respond since the store is gone and he might be fighting with ebay on issues. I'd wait for two weeks, then file an item not received claim. You will get your money back, no worries. :yes:
  6. :p

    I'm sorry for this - actually It happened to me once - but it was only a $5 mini perfume - anyways I emailed the seller and he told me not to worry because hewill send it - and he really did. So
    maybe there is still hope in your case too...
  7. i would contact paypal since you paid thru them and if they don't do any thing contact your cc company ...i don't think you should have a problem though
  8. It happened to me too. I ordered my daughter these little rhinestone iron-ons for around 9.00, and I believe the seller must have copied some patterns and the listing was removed after I paid.

    I emailed her, and she said that she would mail it, and she did.
  9. Open a paypal dispute as they will (should) be able to freeze the funds. As the listings have been removed & the seller is no longer registered I would not wait around for them to contact you. Proceed with a paypal claim.
  10. ^^ ditto, unless you're comfortable with waiting for the seller and trusting that he will ship.
  11. I have twice won items where the listing has been canceled and received them without problem, but the seller has always remained registered.
  12. These stories are sure making me leery of ebay & I have been dealing with ebay for years, but you know how it goes, one day our luck runs out.
    Let us know how this ends.
  13. They are suspending lots of honest sellers at the moment
    dont panic I expect the item will arrive, I just dont know there paranoid , at the moment
    and causing so much distress to a lot of decent people
    They have suspended me with 100 percent feedback on designer bags, and I dont know why
    I am so glad its only a hobby and not a main income like so many poor people that have had there lives destroyed by E bay

    so dont panic am sure the items will arrive they use these awful scare tactics , people are so twitchy now when buying on E bay
    One day there will be justice I hope
  14. The same thing happened to me as a seller. I got my listings ended and cancelled, etc after people had paid. I let the ones who didn't want to go thru off the hook and the others I sent their product. I'd like to believe most people in the world are good, but some aren't. Hard to say what to do. If they intend to send your product, they will definitely respond to emails I would think. I immediately contacted my buyers before they contacted me even.