Please help me with a name!

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Please vote for the name that you like best.

  1. Infatuation

  2. Gossip & Scandal

  3. Sweet Deceit

  4. Cheeky Kitten

  5. LoveHate

  6. Sweet Revenge

  7. Undercover Ingenue

  8. Secret Confidential

  9. Sweet Taboo

  10. inDiscreet

  11. Luvlier

  12. Secret Confessions

  13. Heartcore

  14. Love, Notorious

  15. Obsessed

  16. Simple Seduction

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hey cuppycakes,
    I've been working furiously on a new company and have to re-brand at the last minute and am desperately seeking a new name.

    My line consists of Luxury Shapewear/lingerie, Intimates accessories and personal care products. I'm aiming for cheeky, edgy, fun but also upscale. *very difficult!*

    Please vote on the names listed or make any recommendations for original name idea's you may have.

    All participants will receive an invite to preview the collection before launch as well as attend the launch party in NY and/or L.A.

    Thank you so much for any and all positive feedback.
  2. Haute Stuff (kind of pronounced Hot Stuff)
    Luxe Sux (get your belly in)
    Douce et mince (sweet and skinny en francais)
    Fab without Flab

    Ok, I suck at this. ;)
  3. I like inDiscreet, not sure why but it stuck out for me
  4. I chose Infatuation. I don't have any reasons why really, just jumped out at me. I also like 1-word names best in general.
  5. One more vote for inDiscreet.
  6. Thanks everyone! Please keep the feedback coming or post any idea's that come to mind.

    There are NO bad ones so don't be shy to throw something out.

    Or if you want to add to or alter one of the choices listed, please don't hesitate to make suggestions. I'm desperate,lol.
  7. This wasn't a poll when I posted.

    Ninja edit!!

    I like Sweet Deceit.

    What about Discrete Deceit?
  8. Infatuation
  9. @ Charles - I like Discreet Deceit actually:smile: I will add it to the poll.
  10. I think Love, Notorious is great. It's not a pun, it's quirky, classy and really unusual.
  11. OOh, and same for Undercover Ingenue - I can totally both these names attached to a sexy, well-shot ad campaign like the one below. For some reason, I find the words notorious and ingenue have connotations about women and power, while the words undercover and love kind of make the whole thing a bit naughty and playful.


    ETA: Hrm, pic didn't work, but it was one of the ones from the Elle Macpherson Intimates campaigns which had a voyeuristic theme - beautiful pictures of women in lingerie photographed through key holes etc.
  12. Those are my absolute favorites also!!!!! For some reason they are not the one's that are getting picked often. Can't figure that out. I just think they have the most personality and playfulness. So the question is, do you go with the one's that are your favorite, or the ones that seem to appeal to your market???
  13. I like sweet deceit.
  14. I like inDiscreet :smile:
  15. Luvlier