Please help me with a bag situation! a wee bit long...sorry, but need you guys!

  1. Hi Ladies! what happened was about 2 weeks ago, I bought a very "unknown" Chanel bag at the boutique in Palm Beach Gardens. Had my eye on it for some time now. Its from the silkscreen line, its puffy print quilting with black, red, and some white print design all over the bag saying "Coco" and with "C's" all over it........classic black braided shoulder strap, silver h/w with the "CC" on the front in silver. I have been wanting a Chanel print bag, and this one with its colors not being too girly or beachy looking, is perfect! Also on sale from $2150..(yikes) all together with another bag I sold to a friend (not a Chanel) it cost me $800. I get the bag home and notice there is loose stitching in a small area (not easily seen at all)......called them up after about 10 days (why not right away, i don't know) and they said its a manufacturing defect and they can get me a new one or store credit. they also said Chanel does a great refurbishing job but i think that's on leather, i cannot imagine the company going all over an entire cloth bag to enforce the stitches......i love the bag, its chic, unique, and charming.....and the kind of print i can carry when i'm 80....
    and i don't think there's another in that price category i can afford at Chanel, without putting in extra $

    what would you do?
    1. get store credit and a new bag?
    2. get the new one (hopefully perfect, if even for a little while :s) like mine and know they can fix it?

    3. get another bag even if i have to put a few hundred into it? (am thinking about the bright Kaleidoscope bag coming out any week now)

    many many thanx!

  2. I would go for the new one, if you really love the purse, as long as they will still honor any refirbishments you will need on the new one.
  3. I would get the new one and hope for the sounds like you really love it! And you'll always know that they'll be able to fix it in the future! Otherwise, you'll always be thinking about it
  4. Claudia - Chanel will re-stitch the bag as much as necessary. They are taking apart a 07 metallic jumbo for me because the leather on an inside pocket folded and wasn't stitched. According to the SA at Chanel, the bag is being shipped to France because it will need to be taken apart and restitched. Quality control should check that everything is perfect.

    Go for the bag you love! If it's this one, give Chanel a chance to repair. If it comes back less than excellent, get store credit.
  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the stitching. I would get a new one and check it over really well. If you really love the bag, stick with it. I'm a huge fan of the kaleidescope bag but am not sure how timeless it is.
  6. Yeah, get the new one and make sure it's in perfect condition. Good luck!
  7. sorry to hear about the loose stitching. i would definitely get a new one if you can and go through the bag with a fine-toothed comb!
  8. I would also get the new one. You said its perfect and you wont have to spend any extra money on a diff style.
  9. thanks so much, ladies! a new one (but the same one) it is!!!!!!
  10. Get the new one if they can find one. good luck
  11. Yep, get the new one & hurry before it's gone!
  12. hey hey hey I haven't seen you in ages, C!

    but where are pics??

    good luck! :tup:
  13. Great choice!:tup:
  14. congrats on deciding on getting a new one! can we see pictures please?? :smile:
  15. A new one!!! Carefully inspected by you. :yes: