Please help me with 5-series bag...

  1. Greetings all, I'm trying to sell my first and only Chanel but I'm not familiar with their pricing for older bags. I've seen much older bags, serial number starting with 2s or 3s, going for at least $500. Mine is 5-series (w/ dustbag,card,booklet). Basic black caviar w/double leather straps, not quilted pattern. I think it's very classic, it's just doesn't have any exterior pocket/s....( I thought I'd be able to deal without them). To make long story short, it didn't bids, only 7 watchers and 6 of them might've been 'bogus' watchers since I got 6 solicitation e-mails :cursing:.
    I took plenty clear pictures (thank you PF ladies :flowers: ). I thought my asking price was more than fair, pretty much just want to recoup my profit. :s Could enyone enlighten me as to what might be a fair price range for this type of bag? TIA :smile:

    P.S. I apologize beforehand if my post is inappropriate. I'm not trying to advertise (my Ebay name is not 'prisca' ;) )
  2. It is my experience when selling on eBay, that buyers want a bargain. Occasionally an item is so hard to find or extremely collectable and someone will bid it up... but for the most part, I think if it's priced right, it will sell.

    That may mean you have to take a loss on your bag. :sad:
  3. Agreed. I would rather take a loss and sell to an honest buyer than try to make a profit and deal with an idiot. Try to price it fairly but not give it away.
  4. where are the picts
    send a link of the bag
  5. As a ebay shopper, I can tell you that most are looking to pay as little as possible. Otherwise, they would just buy from the boutique.
    I'm afraid you should be prepared to take a loss on the bag, as it is almost impossible to make a profit on a used item (or even a new one( unless it is, as Jayne1 said, collectible or hard to find.
    Is it from the current season? If yes, someone might be interested in it to save on tax (tax adds up!).
  6. No, I'm not expecting to make profit at all. I bought it for myself not for resale and only used it maybe 5 or 6 times at the most. I mostly buy stuff for practical use, so anything that doesn't get used's like money sitting in my closet. I paid closed to $500 for it, so I figured to break even I had $549 as the starting bid price (no reserve).

    I've only seen one bag that's exactly like mine on Ebay. It's sold for $470, just the authenticity card,sleeper,booklet. I'm not too sure if this style is a collectible like the clasic flap/ mademoiselle.

    Chiaoapple, it's not from the current season. The serial/hologram # started with a 5, so maybe from the mid-90s?

  7. I'm afraid that is not allowed in this forum :angel: