Please Help Me! Which White Bag???

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  1. I am THINKING about buying a white bag and I have narrowed it down to these choices:

    1. A white Ali

    2. A large white leather Ergo hobo

    3. A large white patent leather Ergo Hobo

    4. A great one YOU suggest that I didn't think of.

    5. Oh, shut up and buy the pond Legacy Satchel!

    What do you think? Is it worth the money to have a good white bag? I would probably wait for the PCE. I am not hard on my bags but I don't want to constantly fuss over one either. Opinions appreciated!! :yes:
  2. i have a white leather bag (small braided soho hobo) and love it, but i do get weary of staining/etc. regardless, i think they are totally worth it! my vote goes for the . . .

    patent leather ergo hobo!

    or you could also consider the legacy slim tote in white.
  3. The white Ali would be my first choice, but I would worry too much about color transfer (which probably really wouldn't be much of a problem for me b/c I would wear it with white/light colors), so my second choice would be the regular leather Ergo. I'm actually waiting for PCE to get a white Ergo tote.
  4. My vote is for the white Ali. You'll be able to use it forever it's so classic!
  5. I vote for the white Ali. I started carrying mine a couple weeks ago with no problems of color transfer. I did put Apple gard protectant on it ( I know it says not to but I tested it out on the strap first with no problems). Anyhow, the bag is gorgeous so you can't go wrong with Ali.
  6. I vote for the white Ali as well. I just love the look of it :smile:
  7. White Ali gets my vote, I think that bag is so classic and sexy!
  8. White Ali, with the leather ergo hobo in close 2nd
  9. Oh girl, shut up and buy that pond legacy satchel! :P

    or get the large white ergo...hehe.
  10. White Ali or white slim tote !
  11. The white Mandy is SO BEAUTIFUL. We have one in our store.. :drool:

    But with the choices you gave I would say DEFINITELY the white Ali. Stunning bag. I just don't care for the shape of the ergo's.

  12. OMG A white Mandy-that is a very beautiful option. :drool: I have to admit the Ali was on the top of the list for a reason. It is stunning. With all the visits I have made to the Coach boutique, I have yet to try on an Ergo hobo. Isn't that funny? I just feel so very very decedent buying ANOTHER bag and a White bag at that. I'll see if I actually get up the nerve! I see there were a few suggestions for the Legacy Slim Tote in white-the ladies on TPF have impeccable taste! :yes:
  13. A hard decision and all good picks. I personally do not like a big white bag although I did have the white Ali and would have loved the white ergo hobo because of the way it slouches so the white does not look so large. I have the white pleated hobo now which I like but I am afraid to wear it yet. I think the khaki/white combo is pretty and especially in the Mandy or Ali.
  14. I vote for the white patent leather ergo hobo -- it is shiny and white and gorgeous!
  15. I have a white large Ergo tote, so I am going to throw that one out there just to mix things up! I have the natural vachetta Ergo tote, too...I love them both! But the white goes with my white shoes for summer! I have not had any significant dirt issues, but I have not had the white bag very long.