Please help me!!! Which wallet!?!?

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  1. Hey there TPF'ers! After much thought I have decided that my next LV purchase is going to be a wallet! I already have an LV wallet but I need one with more room for cards, notes, receipts, etc.. And one that is easier to get cash in and out of than the 6cc which I have now..

    My question to you however is should I get the Brazza for $490 or get the new Long wallet in Macassar canvas with the chain for $700? It's an extremely difficult descision!!! I literally can't decide for myself.. And please let me know why you think one is better than the other cause I am simply stuck between a rock and a very hard place!!

    Thank you for any help you can give!!!:smile:
  2. I actually love the brazza more, regardless of price.
  3. I really like the brazza too.. It seems functional without being too bulky.. I wish they would release the brazza in macassar canvas but I asked an SA over the phone and she said that would never happen because the long wallet and the brazza are too similar. But I really like the brazza.. I thought I saw someone say that it was hard to get chash in and out of though.. Is this at all true?