Please help me? whats a good price for a 2004 preloved twiggy?

  1. Hi everyoneee this is my 1st time in the balenciaga forum =] I have always adore the twiggy but can't bring myself to pay so much for one. I have found one on another forum and its a marron 2004 twiggy its worn esp the corners . Can anyone suggest me whats a reasonable price for this bag? Also does anyone know where and how much i can repair it for? THANKS :yes:

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  2. i can't seem to get the pics to work =[
  3. anyone? =[
  4. I can see the first pic.
    Retail was (I think ) $995 in 2004. So I would say it would probably sell now for 600-700ish. I can't see how worn the corners are, and I don't know how much repairs would be. Sorry !
  5. Price for preloved will depend on the rarity of the color. Some bags actually increase in price. I haven't seen a huge demand for that particular color, though, so anything less than $800 you should definitely consider. If you e-mail the photos to Lovin My Bags or Artbag, they can give you a restoration estimate, and then you can use that to offer a lower price if the seller wants $900 or more. Good luck!
  6. thanks so much everyone :roflmfao: , does anyone have lovin my bag or artbag's email? =]
  8. I would say anywhere between 599-699 (since it's so old) only if it has wear but if there is damage like torn leather then substantially less.
  9. i say 450-550!!