Please help me--what do I get??

  1. So, long story short I'm headed to return my second Chanel bag in as many days (metal on chain has started to chip). I want a black (preferably a classic) bag and really no more than $2500.

    Can some of you ladies who are really familiar with Chanel post some pics and prices for me to check out before I head into Saks? THANK YOU in advance! I'm assuming I'll have to order something because their stock was pretty low on Saturday.

    Help--what should I get!?!? ;)
  2. I would get a classic medium flap in caviar OR one of the new reissues in the smaller size! Maybe a metallic black
  3. Okay, here's the thing. I'm not sure what it's called, but I have a lambskin black flap bag from Dec. '06. (It came in patent and white and navy I think). It retailed for $1850. Anyway, I'm thinking of a Jumbo Flap or a GST... THOUGHTS??
  4. Your choices would be my choices, GST or Jumbo....I have them both and love them.
    By the way, I have a GST with silver hardware on hold at a Department store, it seems they are nor easy to get right now, so if you are interested, pm me and I will give you store information....GL, any chanel classic is a winner!!!!:heart:H
  5. thanks habanerita! i don't even know how to pm you, lol. i'm new. anyway, i think i want black with gold on the GST. the one chanel i have already is black with silver. what do you think of the cerf? thanks.
  6. Love the Cerf. The big one with the long extra strap and the removable pouch. I have it in black with gold cc's, actually the bag dates from 1992 and I still wear it.
  7. Ok, habanerita--my personal advisor. lol. between the cerf and GST what do you think? hmmm... i owned the beige GST but i just returned that one because after a few months of owning it a little corner on the top had torn. argghhh! so, anyway--cerf vs. GST??
  8. Your personal shopper here ROFL!!!! Hard to tell, but, it depends on your lifestyle
    but, I think I would get the GST first.....and then, definitely the Cerf. Unless you need a more subdued bag first. It also depends how much you want to be able to fit in them!!! GST is a little heavier that Cerf because of the chains, but it is a little more Glam.....did I confuse you enough....if not I will try harder.:heart:H
  9. Can u take pics of the chipping on the WALK OF FAME bag....???PLEASE?!!!
    Dyin to c what happened to it.....
    In all honesty....Id wait a few weeks for the new spring bags to come out.The new ones look awesome and Saks has a poor selection right now IMHO.
    I dont personally like the GST as its too boxy for me and too structured.....sounds like u want a functional yet slightly edgy bag too?
  10. nope definitely not confusing! thx. i've checked out both bags alot--just can't decide! i wouldn't use this everyday as i take my large goyard st. louis tote to work (i like my work bag to be able to hold my gym clothes too). i just have to make up my mind and see what's available at Saks tomorrow and/or how long it'll take for them to get things in stock. i don't think they had any GSTs. ladies, please post your Cerf pics and thoughts for me. Thanks again, H!
  11. Jill--I've packed up the bag for my return already. :sad: But, it was very slight chipping of the metal on the top of the chain handle (right in the middle if you were to spread it out). Just two little chips. I felt something rought when I went to move it from my shoulder to hold it in my hand and I was shocked because I bought it 24 hours ago!! Jill do you have pics or suggestions for Spring 08 bags? I'm clueless!! Thanks.
  12. ^Get the new Harpers magazine.It has a pic of a bag thats similiar to the WALK OF FAME BAG........Ill c if I can take pics of the magazine in the AM for u.(its too dark now)the magazine shows it in a coralish color but I called CHANEL and it comes in black too
  13. OH...Jillybean and I r going to the SAKS trunk show TUES..Ill c whats good for spring IRL then for u guys too!There is an SA there that always takes pics for us here as well....
  14. Jill--Please, please, please post a pic from the Harper's mag! I'm soooooooo busy at work (even returning this Walk of Fame tomorrow is killing my day). Thank you for your help!! How much is the bag in Harpers? I'm still thinkin about the Cerf and GST... hmmm. :smile:
  15. I think the bag was only 2450.....its my fave bag..I even called and got the style number from CHANEL..LOL..I texted my CHANEL SA at home and she is gonna call me from work this week about when its due to arrive.CHANEL said they didnt ship yet.(I called...HEHE!)