Please help me welcome my first Kelly!

  1. Presenting without further first H bag at long last!
    Ms. Kelly Rouge H in Togo leather in 32cm size:yahoo:

    Sorry for the funhouse mirror pics. The only full-length mirror in our condo is completely warped.​



  2. Congratulations!!!!! It looks fabulous on you!!!!!!!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!! You look fantastic! Enjoy!
  4. Gorgeous!!! Beautiful bag, and you look fantastic--very fresh and young.

    That's Rouge H? Looks like vermillion or Rouge Vif. Regardless of what the color name is though I LOVE red, so I love it!
  5. Congratulations!! That's a fabulous bag. I love red:heart:. BTW, how tall are you (just trying to get an idea on size)
  6. Fabulous! Both you and the bag! Congratulations!!!!!
  8. Wow! What a pretty dress, and absolutely wonderful Kelly! Congrats gal, you look like a million dollars! :yahoo:
  9. It's STUNNING! You look fantastic with it. Congrats.
  10. Thanks everyone, I am just so thrilled...

    Cyn- the photos turned out really dark so I had to photoshop them a bit...the rd ended up looking lighter than it actually is.
    chanelvgirl- I am about 5'4" without shoes. The 32cm seems to work perfectly for size!
  11. JUST BEAUTIFUL! This colour is perfect for your skin tone. Enjoy her in good health.
  12. Ahhhh I see. Gorgeous bag! I bet it's absolutely stunning in person.

    Gotta get me a red Kelly one of these days.
  13. Looks awesome on you! I love red!!
    Do you mind if I ask how much the Canadian price is for it now?
  14. BEAUTIFUL, Stylefly!!!!! It looks gorgeous on you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
  15. lovely!!!