Please help me w/large horsebit

  1. I bought this for my wife last February. It is the large hobo not made anymore in this style. My wifes car was broken into today, and yes they stole it. I really want to find it again, they dont make it anymore, everyone complemented on it. It was so hard to order, I special ordered it from a store in Hawaii. If anyone knows where the large horsebit hobo like this is, please point me in the right direction. I cannot bare to see my wife without it. She has all the purses in the world, but this was her favorite.

  2. Isn't this on Sorry about the car--horrible!
  3. not the large. I literally bought the last large in a gucci retail last february. They had to ship it from Honolulu to Houston. It was some special edition. There were very few of this model in the large.

    When i find that little punk i will put a bunch of rocks in the purse he stole and whip his ass. Can I say that? Sorry I hate to see my wife upset. She feels responsible. SHe just ran in the pharmacy for 2 minutes. THat's all it takes though even at 11 am.

  4. I saw one Large one Here in Phoenix, well the Gucci Store is in Scottsdale. Awww sorry about the car. Those punks will get whats coming to them:rant::rant::rant:

  5. I would call the location mentioned above. If they don't have it, the SA should be willing to do a search for you.
  6. I'm almost positive they had the Large at the Gucci store in San Francisco. I am sorry that it was stolen
  7. aww I am so sorry to hear about that....its so sweet that you are willing to come online to a area with homicidal purse loving ladies roam to look for a bag for your wife...I think its very sweet of you...and if you do find the bag you should introduce her to the forum so we can tell her how sweet her husband is!!

    Good luck with your search...If i come across anything I'll be sure to post it up on here!!
  8. thank you for everyone trying to find it. I dont understand the purse phenomena, but I dont have to. I will tell her to come on here.
  9. Aaaaw, I'm so sorry that your wife got her car broken into, I don't know what I'd do if my favorite bag was stolen :sad: It's really nice of you to try to find her a new one although you don't understand her purseobsession though. However, I would suggest that maybe you can try to call the butiques in europe? I haven't really done a lot of gucci shopping in US, but europe is full of different countries where people have different taste, so there might be anyone left there... Especially in Italy or France maybe.. I don't know if my theory is true, but I would guess it's worth a shot.