Please help me vote on a brown bag

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Truffle GGH Brief or Cafe RH Day

  1. Truffle Brief GGH

  2. Cafe RH Day

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Here's my new truffle brief. Do I really need this and a cafe day? Also the Cafe Day and my Black Day are way too close to each other. Which looks better? Which to keep?




  2. keep the day!
  3. ITA... keep the day!
  4. i voted for the truffle brief GGH, because it looks so classy on you! however, the day looks great on you too (and so well broken in!), but IMO it's a more casual look.
  5. I'd keep the truffle ... so yummy! That and you already have a day.
  6. Kepp the cute and classy truffle! Especially since you already have a black day "Also the Cafe Day and my Black Day are way too close to each other"
  7. I think the day looks great on you
  8. I should have added that I FINALLY FOUND MY HG! It's a Vert D'eau Day! So that would make 3 of them. I'm leaning towards the brief unless you ladies think it looks awful on me.
  9. Z&J: I voted for the Truffle brief because to me that is the most beautiful brown out there, and the Brief-style looks really good you.

    I too have a GGH Truffle brief and I love it!!! It's such a classic!

  10. The more i look at it the more i love it! Did your handles stretch out at all?
  11. I love the brief, so I say stick with that! All handles will stretch out in time...
  12. Oh I am the first to vote for the Cafe RH :heart:

    I just the love the way it drapes :yes:
  13. ^^^ ITA.

    The day looks delicious on you and drapes beautifully from your shoulder. I don't think black and cafe are close. Yes, they both dark but totally different colours that you would wear with different outfits.

    Which style of bag fits your wardrobe and life style better? I have a black RH brief and a black RH day and use them quite differently. The day is a much more casual bag whereas the brief is more dressy and also holds documents and work stuff better than the day.
  14. I voted for Truffle!
  15. Keep Cafe Day! She is gorgeous and looks great on you. I love it!