Please help me value this Gucci bag

  1. Please help me value this Gucci bag

    Greetings to all. I have an authentic Gucci vintage shoulder bag (Gucci Accessory Collection) which is in the mint condition. I consider selling it to a consignor or even at eBay. How much shall I ask? What is the market value? I need help from you. Many thanks.

    Here are the most recent photos.
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  2. I guess it's worth what someone will pay for it.

    It's a lovely bag and GACs are always popular but there are always plenty of them and similar around.

    You will prob get more in the long-run from a agency/consignment store than eBay, if you can wait for the right person to come along and fall in-love with this particular bag rather than some of the *bay bidders who just want the cheapest Gucci bag they can find.

    The actual figure an agency/consignment will give you outright or % is dependent on the area of their shop or the reputation of their on-line store.
  3. $75?
  4. I think you best bet is eBay. It is in amazing condition compared to many from the same era. I would recommend, if possible, having pics taken with someone fashionable modeling it or a mannequin. That way people can get an idea of how it will look when they carry it, and in my opinion, it boosts bids!! I have seen similar ones range from $75-$150, the ones at the higher end I noticed have the best pictures and very detailed/professional descriptions! I do agree with princesskiwi, I have seen a lot of them sell for around $75 lately. You can always consign, but I don't care for consigning. :biggrin: Good luck!
  5. That is a Gucci Accessory Collection bag, and they tend to go well with collectors. It depends a lot on the condition too of the interior of the bag. Those bags tended to peel on the interior. If the interior looks as nice as the exterior does, you may find that you bag may be valued as high as $200-$250 if you can sell it in the right venue. I would not let this bag go for $75.00. I actually had this bag back in the early 80s. It's a gorgeous bag and yours looks to be in good condition. I would try ebay, and put a reserve on it and take your time unless you really need money badly right now. That bag is fairly rare. While you do see the doctor bag fairly often in this color, the watermelon shape in the shoulder bag in good condition is actually harder to find. Take really really good pictures, closeups of the interior, exterior, straps, the accessory collection tab inside, pocket inside. Use your macro setting on the accessory collection tab (with the script writing inside so people can tell it's authentic). Take really good pictures as well of the exterior corners, piping and the fact that there is very little wear on this bag. I honestly wouldn't let this go under $200 if it were mine, and probably would hold out for more. I haven't seen this bag in this kind of condition for a really long time. I wouldn't do Craigslist and I wouldn't consign. I would brave Ebay to be honest, and I would be very patient. I would check out your buyer's feedback throughly (really check them out) and take your time). I would put a security tag on the bag that couldn't be removed and would have to be on the bag if there was any return for any reason, because the bag in this condition is so rare.

    Hope that helps.
  6. Good post! I agree with the security tag and reserve. I've sold bags at high costs on ebay and have put my tag on it, sometimes several. I never want to risk getting back a used or fake bag. I also take pictures of the bag with my tag(s) on it. And yes many many pictures!
  7. :tup: good info! i would have never thought to put a security tag. its CRAZY how people (buyers) will go through lengths to scam sellers of their products and money:nono:
  8. Whoa. I have never seen one go above 175, even in this condition, but I guess if you just set a price and the right person comes along, you may get that. I wouldn't do the reserve. I would just set it at the price you want, KWIM? A lot of people do no like to bid on reserved items, and it is a waste of your time, if it doesn't meet the reserve and you have to relist it, IMO. Security tags are always a good idea! I agree that I wouldn't let mine go for $75, I was just stating I have seen that happen on ebay auctions. Of course, the mint ones I have seen go for higher. I have seen other styles from the accessory collection go for more, like the doctor styles. It is a beautiful bag, and this model/condition is a rarity. Good luck.
  9. Yep, that is about the most I would say the bag sells for, IMO. I have never seen them go for $200 and up! Besides this, the last one I saw in this style/condition was around $167 or something like that a few weeks ago. I have sold some of mine in similar models and I never made more than $160ish. I am wondering if I should've made more now! Lmao. I don't think so. Of course, we have some amazing resale stores in Chicago and I find vintage Gucci for REALLY low prices.
  10. whoa! sorry yah Jessie! miss vintage BOSS. you pretty much nailed it:nuts:
  11. :blush: Lmao. I am on ebay A LOT more than I should be.
  12. haha, that makes the BOTH of us;)
  13. ITA with your pricing and your *bay strategy :tup:.

    On ebay UK some GACs easily go for as much as the vintage leather models but still ridiculously low prices IMO.

    I am sorry to hear that none of you like agencies, I don't love them (someone shoplifted a mink jacket I had in a dress-agency and I was told it was there 'at my own risk' so I didn't get a penny :rant:) but they certainly bring in above *bay prices here and there's none of that worry about switching.

    I guess I would set a figure in my head and try one option and if that didn't work I would try another :biggrin:
  14. Oh my, PT!! That is horrible! I think that is such crap!! I think it should be their responsibility if something is stolen out of their boutique. I go to a local boutique where that recently happened. The owner was off for the day, and the girl went into the back for just a minute and several expensive fur coats were stolen. I know, they shouldn't have been near the front and should have been more secured. However, the owner paid the consigners, I feel it is the right thing to do. The owner told me it took her several months to recuperate from that loss! She is a very amazing, honest woman and I respect her so much! That is upsetting to hear about that! Yeah, I have never consigned anything before, but enjoy selling on ebay. You just have to be careful! I know there are some boutiques in Chicago that seem to have a great rep, and move items at really high prices, since it is in the right location.