Please help me understand why I should love and buy ankle boots for the Fall?

  1. I think they are ugly. :nogood:

    Any persuasive reasoning?

  2. If you don't like them, don't get them. They'll just sit in your closet.

    I like them because you still have the boot look but they don't go up your leg so they look good under pants. I like tall boots and tucking pants in. With ankle ones you don't have to worry about it.
  3. I don't like ankle boots, either. It's either cute pumps or knee high boots.

    Count me out of this trend.

    *hides now*
  4. I don't mind booties that hit at the ankle or tall boots, but anything that comes up ober the ankle makes my legs look fat because I have really skinny ankles but huge shins. So I have to stay away.
  5. Despite having relatively short legs, I like ankle boots. They are more comfortable and give a nice look under pants, but the right style is cute with black tights and a dress or skirt, too. I have to keep the color of the tights the same as the boots to keep the look as long as possible, but I like them. Of course, I choose a shorter styles or short and cuffed styles and not the ones that come 4 or 5 inches up the ankle and stop.
  6. I'm with you!! I am not a boot fan in if you don't like it...don't buy it!!!
  7. I was never a big fan of them in the past, but for some reason the ankle boot + skinny pants combo has gotten me. I just ordered a pair and will see what they look like on me. Plus, they probably fit better under pants than taller boots, and for when you don't want to bother zipping/lacing them up.
  8. Thanks, girls, for your comments. It's nice to know I'm not alone!

    I honestly wouldn't mind them hiding under a nice pair of long trousers, but I just can't imagine wearing them and having them be...seen. Hmm.

    Mockinglee, you'll have to show us pics when you get them!
  9. I don't mind them under pants either but I don't like the trend of wearing them with skirts and dresses.
  10. i love love love ankle boots (SHORT SHORT ONES) with opaque dark tights or a few pair of black patterned tights i have from wolford. after that i just add a black dress, hot bag and i'm done! so easy!

    but, as well know, if you don't love them, don't buy them! maybe try the trend with a pair of cheapie shoes.
  11. I am another one not jumping on the booties bandwagon...not so cute, imo...
  12. Aww, I love them. They are almost so ugly they're cute. Except I don't really think they're ugly, just "unique" looking.

    I love that they are a refreshing change from the ordinary. They mix things up. They're a little funky and a bit edgy. They can give your outfit a little bit of attitude. You can wear them with a totally trendy look or with a more classic and neutral look but just to give the outfit a little spunk.
  13. i don't think i can do the booties either. i want to like them, but i don't see what i can pair with them. In LA we don't have seasons, so i don't see how this "fall" trend would work here.
  14. I think they are terrible. I remember them from the 80s and it isn't something I'll ever do again.
  15. Maybe because I am tall is why I love ankle boots. They are a great alternative (depending on where you live) in the winter instead of heels. A lot of people don't like ankle wrap shoes either because they think they cut off their legs and not a flowing line that makes your legs look stumpy. cough short people cough. :roflmfao: