Please help me understand why alligator skin bags are so expensive

  1. In all my research of the most expensive, sought-after bags, the ones that get into the 5 or 6 figures always turn out to be the alligator skins. Is it just me, or is alligator skin not that appealing? It reminds me of snakeskin, and i've got a huge fear of snakes and reptiles and all the whole pretty factor here is lost to me. Im not trying to insult anyone--I'm just trying to understand the hype, historical significance, benefits of alligator over other skins, etc. Please educate me!

  2. This is just a guess but it might be because Alligators are harder to come by then say cows and such.
  3. and i believe the processing of alligator or crocodile skin also takes more time than those of cow or lamb.
    it can took more than 15 processing steps.

    and als the raw material per inches of the croc is around 5 times than those of buffalo
  4. My hope is that it gets soooo expensive that people cease to buy it and alligators can be left to live in peace. I am not a fan of killing animals just for their skins.
  5. It's just the fact that it's an exotic skin that isn't widely used (thank goodness). Ostrich is quite expensive too.
  6. It's being eaten too, no worries.
  7. They are now raised on farms for quality control. It's changed since the 60's. And every bit of the alligator is used or eaten.
  8. and also in some part of the country in the world, the croc's considered as pest because they are too much and endangered human's life
  9. Probably because it's rarer. I don't care what people wear as long as it's made humanely and the species is not driven to extinction and the whole animal is used.

    But honestly I think skins like alligator and fur are plain tacky and ugly. It reminds me of old eccentric grandmas like Cruela Deville. I don't see what the appeal is in skin like that. Kind of like the trend where people wore leopard spotted dresses, tiger stripes, etc... *shudder* lol

    I'll stick with my leather thanks. Cows are widely available and it's eaten so I don't really feel bad about it. If I won't eat it however I wouldn't dream to wear it.
  10. the most attractive part of the alligator is the belly, I beleive... whereas a cow, you can use pretty much the entire hide (except for the edges of it due to mite bites, hanger holes, branding, and the fact that the skin is stretchier towards the end/belly of the cow)... the top part of the alligatory is spiney... very hard to sew or use this part..
  11. Alligator and Croc meat is widely eaten throughout the world now.
  12. Yeah, Paintednightsky--I totally agree...I'm going to stick to my soft, buttery cow or lambskin for a long while--I just dont get the hype about theses scaly skins (and i'm not an animal activist, really just curious about what the big deal is). Yes, it's rare and harder to find/process, but does that mean that I'm supposed to like the texture or the way it looks better? My answer is no, I guess it's just not for me. I'll save the exotic skins for my gramma.

    Thanks ladies for all your opinions--i really appreciate all your insight--just trying to understand the entire scope of the purse world.

  13. Yeah. It ISN'T widely used so I think that coupled with the process are what impact the price. I prefer Croc to aliigator though because i don't find alligator that appealing to the eye.

    And yes ostrich IS expensive. Sometimes it costs just as much as croc or alligator.
  14. What about the texture, durability, etc? I'm trying to figure out what the benefits are regardless of the fact that it is just difficult to process/find. For instance, diamonds have amazing qualities (beauty, sparkle, durablility over thousands of years), they are difficult to process and large, beautiful stones are rare and expensive. I can understand why people spend big money on these sparkly breathtaking jewels. Alligator, croc skin, still not sure why. And even though i don't wear fur (and am more or less against the idea of it), I can understand why people spend big dollars on it--it's soft, beautiful, keeps you warm. Still not understanding what is so appealing about the whole reptile skin purse phenomena.
  15. Gator/croc bags usually last a long time. Lizard & snake can be a little fragile but will last if taken care of.
    Its just a matter of taste. It might be something you grow into, I didn't like them when I was in my 20's or 30's. Now I love gator/croc/lizard/snake bags, belts etc. I'm so tired of bags with screaming logos.
    Are you in Florence? We bought alot of skin items when we were there in '05.
    Maybe its your fear of reptiles?