Please help me... Turq City GGH or Day GGH

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  1. Hi I just got Bouton D'Or City RH and Turq Day GGH today... But then I see photo of City GGH here today, I am not sure whether I should keep the day or return it and get city instead

    Do you think Turq Day GGH is too casual ( In case to wear with skirt (white, black, etc)

  2. With Gold Hardware I don't think your Turq Day will be too casual, and since they're in different styles, I say keep the Day! If you can post some modeling pics, we'll get a better idea of what they looks like on you.
  3. keep the day with GGH!

    as has been said by many others in the past, i really think the GH looks best on bigger bags.

    the GGH will dress up your day perfectly.
  4. IIRC you have 2 other cities, EB & Sahara? So a GH Day is a nice addition to your family. Besides the GH makes the Day less casual IMO.
  5. I love the Day style so it definitely gets my vote. I think the Day is really versatile in that you can dress it up or down. I definitely don't think it's too casual, especially when it's with GSH. Congrats on your new purchases and good luck!!
  6. I say keep the day too. I think you'll end up favoring it over your cities if you like shoulder bags.
  7. I would pick the day because it seems like alot of people go for the Turq city...I feel the day would be more special, and it fits loads and hangs on your shoulder in a great way too! IMO

  8. get the day!
  9. Keep the Day. Variety is the spice of life!
  10. I agree, you have seized the day so keep it!
  11. I love the Day! I got the Turq in PT but would've preferred it in Day ... keep it!
  12. another vote for the day!
  13. Thanks for all comments... I try to match it with my clothes last night and think I'm gonna keep this day turq ggh... but I may keep eyes on turq sgh in any bag:biggrin: