Please help me to regenerate my collection!

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  1. Hello all,
    I am planing to add a boy flap and a green mini into my collection. I own 12 Chanel bags and 1wallet and I will like to eliminate one bag to fund into my new Chanel member. I have hard time to make decision since I love them so much. I don't want them to sit in the closet for too long, so I usually rotate them once a while. I also own some Louis Vuitton, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent. I personally think I have quite enough handbags and I feel guilty if I don't use the bags often. I usually sold some of my bags to fund into Chanel. This time I do not want to cut down other brands since I have more Chanel bags. Therefore, I want to sell my Chanel bag this time. Can you all please help me to pick which bag I should sell? And why? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396067444.764404.jpg Thank you so much for your help!
    Here are the list:
    1. Black Lambskin m/l classic with GHW
    2. Red caviar m/l classic with SHW
    3. Pearly beige caviar mini with GHW
    4. Black GST
    5. Black "in the business" flap
    6. Beige Clair PST
    7. Beige caviar jumbo classic with GHW
    8. White caviar jumbo classic with SHW
    9. Purple reissue 226 flap
    10. Blue easy caviar jumbo
    11. Lavender patent clutch with chain
    12. Dark silver half moon wallet on chain

    *Please advise I do not intend to sell my Chanel here through the forum. *
  2. You have such a beautiful collection I can think of reasons to keep each one. I am no help. Is there one bag you find yourself using the least or not liking the configuration of? If I had to pick one I would say the in the business flap, but due to the size of it compared to your other flaps could see keeping it for when you need a larger bag and want to carry a flap style. If I had to pick a classic bag to eliminate I would probably pick the white jumbo just since carrying any white bag scares me to get color transfer on it or get it dirty. I would think you could carry the beige with anything you would have carried the white with.
  3. White jumbo or beige pst.
  4. Love the variety of styles and colors. And bravo to you for rotating your bags around! I'm will Smalls, just based on looks, I would forgo the In the Business. But it really depends on what you wear the least.

    A green flap will give your collection a lovely POP of additional color!

    Keep us posted on which you end of releasing and can't wait for the new reveals!!!
  5. If I were you I'd probably let go of the beige PST. Just because I'm not too fond of that style haha. But it's really hard to say! It depends on which bag you don't see yourself reaching for the most. Which bag will you miss the least if you were to let it go?
  6. You have a lovely collection.. i wish i can half even just half of your collection..
    I agree with @smalls and @saks4u i will eliminate business flap and the white flap ..
  7. Just want to admire your collection...
    OMG it's huge and beautiful!
  8. I think the pst and woc
  9. 😍 what a beautiful collection! But I'd get rid of the beige pst..
  10. LOVE your collection, but if I had to choose -- the in the business flap should head for the chopping block. Sorry. :sad: I like that one the least.
  11. Beautiful collection. If I had to choose I would eliminate the beige pst (never fond of that size) and the black in the business (never fond of the different quilt size & you have a black m/l and a black gst already). Good luck on your decision :smile:
  12. Agree with the others: get rid of the PST, In The Business, and the metallic WOC (the former two are boring, and the last one is impractical) - maybe to fund another chanel in a lighter, fun color. Perhaps, a clutch or a colorful WOC? Your collection is gorgeous, but it could benefit form another pop of color!
  13. +1
  14. ITA except I am really hoping you can keep them all. They are all very beautiful and true classics, down to the ITB flap!
  15. Lovely collection!

    I would let the Beige PST go.