Please help me to pick one!!


Which one to buy first?

  1. Chanel: Light Silver Cotton Club Tote

  2. Marc Jacobs: Stam Bag in Black

  3. Dior: Medium Off-White Saddle Bag

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  1. Okay, here's my dilemma... I wanted to post it here in this forum to be fair with everyone.. Of course, If I post this over Chanel Forum.. The votes will be on Chanels. And of course, if I post this over MJ / Dior, it will be the same! LOL.. So I'm going to post it here...
    I'm planning to buy the Light Silver Reissue in 226 right after I buy the Gold Reissue which is by the end of this month.

    My dilemma is...
    After I buy the Chanel Light Silver Reissue in 226, I'm going to have exactly 4 Chanel Handbags already!
    But I also have my eyes on other branded handbags.. Can you help me which one to choose?

    1. Light Silver Large Cotton Club Tote (Chanel)
    2. Marc Jacobs Stam Bag in Black
    3. Dior Off-White Gaucho

    Which one?!?!?!? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. i vote Dior Off-White Gaucho :smile:. gaucho is soooo nice :love:
  3. I like the gaucho too since it's a totally diffrent look from Chanel . I am not a big stam fan and I think it's a bid more in the line of what you have already.
  4. I love that Chanel, and I don't care much for the other two choices. Even though you have a lot of Chanel, I still pick the Chanel!
  5. Any other opinions ladies? :biggrin:
  6. i like the gaucho. . its different.
  7. u know my choice.... Dior!
  8. LOL, orangetree!
  9. I love all these bags so after you try them on just see what looks best on you. I love, love, love the gaucho, but don't like how it looks on me so I didn't get it. The stam is beautiful and I own the cotton club in bronze. Good luck on your choice. Maybe go for something different.
  10. I love the Chanel over your other two choices. That would be my choice because I think I would wear the Chanel more often, and I hate to see my bags just sitting in their dustbags in my closet. ;)
  11. The gaucho! These are TDF! :yahoo:
  12. Hmmm.. I'm thinking of opting out the gaucho because i'm thinking what kind of clothes can I wear with them since i'm a girly type when it comes to clothes... And I think Gaucho doesn't fit them at all...
  13. Chanel
  14. I also welcome more handbag suggestions. I keep my handbag opinion open for other styles too. :biggrin:
  15. Chanel's Light Silver Cotton Club Tote for sure!