Please help me to locate this Bow....

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  1. I'm dying for Bow Satchel in Graphite, could anybody locate for me??? I'll call them ASAP!!!!!:rolleyes:

    TIA, girls.:smile:
  2. why don't you try live chat on the item number is 0404388591455 and they might be able to locate one for you. otherwise, just call the stores on the website and cross your fingers. that's all i can suggest..?
  3. I'm thinking you should contact Renato at the Miu Miu Boutique in Beverly Hills. His information is several places here, such as the shopping section. It was great when we could buy those Miu Mius online. Now, it's the boutiques :rolleyes:
  4. There was one at the houston saks, but they sent it off to NY since they arn't carrying it anymore.

    try calling them?