Please help me to find ......

  1. i stumbled across a thread in which there is a link to an eBay seller. She is sellign all types of leather spray, in her action, she also talks about fake LV bags and shows some pics of the fake, i think she is selling authentication guide as well ???? .. I cant find the thread now.. So if anyone knows who im talking about, pleeas help...Please PM me if answering publicly is against the rule......

    Im new here so im not sure if asking this is against the forum rule, if yes plesease help to remove this thread.
  2. hmmmmmmmm...isn't she PFer??
  3. Hi there.. What is PFer? :sweatdrop:
  4. Purse Forum member:P
  5. Oh eheh thanks... Yes she is, cos in the same thread someone said they saw her here often.....
  6. Pm me..
  7. Pm u :smile:
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