Please help me to find one cross body bag..

  1. I am looking for one cross body bag , I prefer something more feminie, something that I can use it as a shoulder bag too!! It will be so versatile that I can carry it to office or to shopping. Do you think there is such a LV bag? :confused1:
  2. what about the musette/musette tango?
  3. Look at the Drouot. It's a very pretty feminine bag, very classic, that can easily be worn cross body. You can find it at many of the boutiques still.
  4. How about the Tulum GM?
  5. What about Baggy PM/GM with the long strap:tup:
  6. I love the Saumur! The mini lin is gorgeous, but it also comes in mono, which is pretty also!
  7. I might as well add in... what is it? like the 10th suggestion! lol TROTTEUR! my first LV :heart:
  8. I second the Musette!!! I like all 3 styles, but think you should get the Musette Salsa.
  9. ;)I use the Palermo GM cross body for college.
  10. You guys are great!! I didnt realise there are so many choices . Please forgive me, I am not so familiar with the names of LV and will have to do a search first before I know which one I like most!

    Really love this forum!
  11. I have to go with Musette as well - perfect cross body bag!
  12. Not sure if you're also thinking about LV messenger bags, but there's a few of them......
  13. Depends of what size bag you are looking for. Try looking at the Palmero's preety bags and can use has hand bag or shoulder, strap should be long enough to use across your body
  14. Marina PM is the best across the body bag!!!