Please help me to find a Neverfull GM!

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  1. Please? Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Is it possible to find one? I just realized it's such a great bag holds tons of stuff, that's what I'm looking for, am I too late?:shrugs:
  3. ^^

    Neverfull is a permanent purse in the Mono line. Try calling the 866-Vuitton for LV to see if they can locate a GM size at one of the LV stores. Good luck!
  4. All the sizes are on Elux today.
  5. Thank you pease43, sckcs! I just got it on elux!
  6. Congratulations!!!

    I bet they won't last long.
  7. Thank you so much!!!:smile:
  8. congrats!
  9. YAY! Congrats! I actually saw a woman carrying a baby and a neverfull. I think she was using it as a "diaper bag" type thing. They really live up to the name it seems, bc Moms need everything!
  10. Thank you! I think it's a good diaper bag, big enough and light weight. I don't have a baby anyway, but I will use it with my dog! aha....:smile:
  11. Thank you very much!
  12. Not on elux anymore :confused1: But if they are part of the perm line, they will be back, right? (fingers crossed)! Would love to grab one for my Mom (and one for me) for Christmas :heart::yes:
  13. YUP! The Neverfull.. is very helpFULL to Moms like me.. I can stuff it with EVERYTHING my baby and I need for the day. I used it when we went on a vacation last month and I was glad I used to because it really helped me A LOT! It can carry so many.. and I guess up to 230+ lbs indeed, my shoulders were screaming but my neverfull was still smiling! LOL I LUV IT!!!

    anyway, I saw this GM posted on eBay.. pls post it on the "authenticate this" thread first before bidding.. seller's selling it for a reasonable price (for a GM), I think!.. plus there is a "best offer" option too! I would bid on it, but I already have an MM.. a GM would be too big for me.