Please help me to decide!

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Please help me to decide which one to get! TIA!

  1. Anthracite City with GH

  2. Violet City with SGH

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hello everyone.. Should i get the Anthra City with GH or just wait till end of next month for the Grape City with SGH? Opinions please.. TIA! :shrugs::girlsigh:
  2. I may be in the minority here but I love Anthracite with GH and it goes with almost everything. Whereas, the violet is going to be more limited to what you can where it with. They both are stunning. I love Anthra so much that I have it in RH and GH. Good luck deciding.
  3. I agree w/ Cracker -- the anthra will be more versatile. On the other hand, if you're looking for a "pop" color, that's more the violet. Either one will be lovely!
  4. Grape for me, but only as I'm not a fan of anthracite.
  5. i vote for the's so gorgeous!
  6. Well, I love both but I do think the Anthra will go with more. CONGRATS on getting either color!
  7. I love anthra - it's my only bbag (I have an rh city), but I'm waiting for a grape first as my "pop" color! The anthra so far has been the only bag that I've liked w/GH. I do think the anthra is more of a neutral, so it's a bit more versatile than the grape will be.
  8. im going to say grape the bag in your avatar looks dark so i think a more colourful will be better! Both are tdf though! xx
  9. My vote is for grape, it's just a color I think I will like more. I agree that the anthra would be more versatile, but so is the one in your avatar (I assume it is yours).
  10. Thank you everyone for all those precious opinions! Seems like Violet wins the vote! I actually have received my Anthra City but one of the handle is faded, and it really annoy me.. :cursing: So thinking of exchange for another color. Here's the dillemma.. Picture 153.jpg

    Picture 126.jpg

    Picture 127.jpg

    Picture 164.jpg
  11. you know what I just figured out!

    wow! Violet city with LV Amarante inclusion!!! oh my- is purple the color of the season!
  12. wow, that's really an amazing combo :tup:
  13. anthracite.....