Please help me to decide which one suits me and is mink fur too old

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  1. Fashion and too dangerous to wear? TQ

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  2. More pics

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  3. Another one

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  4. Last pic. the story is I went shopping with my friend and she loves mink furs very much. She bought one piece and there are many selections in the preloved shop. She has been persuading me to buy one and since the price is so value for money, I decided to put on these two ie one short and tighter and the other longer and fits me better. I personally like the longer one. But I would like your opinion because this is my one and only. I am also not sure if wearing this would makes look like ..old fashion? Because I don't see people wearing any in Japan? My friend further added that mink has extinct and it will be very valuable later.

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  5. One more long mink

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  6. I really like the second picture. The mink really suits you. I dont see it as old fashioned at all - throughout the world mink fur is very popular.

    Mink though is certainly not extinct and your fur will not increase in value. If you look after it properly though it should hold its value.
  7. Flip88 thank you for your reply and I saw your contributions here and I was hoping you will respond! Oh la la...I have more questions for you, hope you dont mind.
    1) Do you think the design (in the pic) is too old because I dont see people wearing them anymore?
    2) You also said that if I look after it properly, the value holds, well, I am glad that since this is a preloved piece, it is already about 80% cheaper than a new, however, I am also worried would the mink (the fur) started to fall out?
    3) From the questions I asked, you already know I am a mink retard , I am hoping you could give a tip or two as a mink newbie owner please?

  8. I think the designs are fine. The fur will not drop out. If it is in good condition after all those years it will be fine. Mink is very durable.

    As for tips I recomend this link here ...
  9. I prefer the shorter style. I think it looks more youthful
  10. I prefer the shorter as well looks lovely on you! I just received my first real fox fur short coat (black) for my 21st birthday and I love it! Its one of those timeless pieces that a woman can wear at any age! :smile: I love fur coats!!!
  11. I prefer the longer one - the second one to be honest but really, they are all lovely.
  12. Mink 'extinct'? Mink are hardy creatures easy to breed in captivity as they do in the wild. Some of the natural colors are rarer but I see the longer mahogany as a good basic. Don't buy one (or anything) unless you a) absolutely love it and b) are going to wear it - a lot. Minks are not going anywhere you'll always be able to buy one so don't feel pressured.

    The short one looks too small on you.

    Certainly lots of Japanese friends of my mother's who wear mink (usually Blackglama, Blue Iris or White). Maybe it's seen as a more mature fashion in Japan :shrugs:
  13. Minks will be around for ever - yes do not be pressured in that way.

    I agree the short one is too short for you. I really like the second photo
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    Love the longer coat on you. Very chic. Mink is a great fur. The hairs are sturdy and wear well. It is one of the most durable furs. Make sure the skin backing is supple as when that dries out the coat will shred. If the fur ever looks dull a furrier can reglaze the hairs and clean the coat.

    Mink are in no way dying out but furriers to do repairs and cleaning are hard to find. We live on the Canadian countryside and the critters are a pest here. There used to be mink farms in the area and over time the mink escaped and naturalized.
  15. Howdy everybody! Thank you for all your response and I m so thankful to read all your comments and suggestions...I have decided on getting the longer one because as you all could see, its really a size smaller so it is tight and cant buckle up. As this is my first piece and without any 'proper' budget, I will get the longer one as a starter (less expensive too) and try to get a better one next time as I learn more here. But without TPF, I would have chickened out. I went through pages and pages here and I have gathered more confident and will wear it in a more casual way. Yes, I have checked through the fur. the quality and everything upside down and inside out and I think for that price, it is the best vintage piece I could get but I am happy and I know what I m getting.

    Papertiger, yes mink is for a more mature market here thus my concern. But no longer now..CONFIDENT!