please help me to decide what size of toolboox is suitable for me 20cm or 26?

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  1. I still confuse what size is suitable for me?i'm 5,5foot..
  2. I would definitely go with the 26. Most stores seem to have both sizes in stock, so I would try both.
  3. At 5'5" I would go for the 26
  4. Do you prefer a larger or smaller bag? I'm 5'1" and chose the 26 because I like to have lots of room.
  5. I haven't tried the 26, but the 20. It was very tiny. The shoulder strap was too short. I would stick with the 26 like Restricter says! By the way, I am 5'6"
  6. I think the 26 is good for everyday since it has lots of space. But I think the 20 is really cute, too!
  7. Voting for the 26cm,as well :o)
  8. I bought a 20 in Blue De Malte and a 26 in Black. They are both fun to wear.
  9. I pick 26 if you intend to use for both work and play. ^20 in BDM is exquisite!
  10. You're a great height! Not too tall nor too short. Both sizes are great for you, depending on the look you want.
  11. Thanks EveryOne,I will hunt for size 26cm...