Please help me to decide on a tote.

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  1. Hi all, I’ve posted this in the Gucci and Dior forums too. I’m in the market for a new bag that I can use for the gym and travel, and just any time I have to cart a lot of things around. I was going to get a Neverfull but I just don’t love it enough and so many people have them in my area. So, the contenders are: two different Gucci bags (sorry I don’t know the names), the Dior book tote or Saint Laurent canvas tote. I also considered the Goyard tote but I don’t have a boutique near me and it doesn’t seem to be as well-known in the North of England, where I live, as it is in London. I love the Dior but it has the highest price point and I’m concerned it’s just an “It” bag. For those of you who have the Saint Laurent tote below does it hold up well? Would you say it’s a classic or just an “it” bag? I’ve attached pics for reference.

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  2. Gosh they’re all fabulous.
    •The first Gucci one is the most classic. It looks trendy and timeless at the same time.
    • The second Gucci one is a bit boring.
    • The Saint Laurent is also nice but if you are getting white it will get dirty being used everyday.
    • The Dior Book Tote is amazing, I think it’s trendy but will also stand the test of time because it’s got the Christian Dior name and mini Dior logoing. My only concern is whether you can wear the bag on your shoulder. If you have to carry it in your hand or crook of arm/elbow then I would find it extremely annoying.
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  3. Hey there! I have the Saint Laurent canvas tote and it's really good. It's huge! Great for work (especially if you carry a lot) - I usually go out from work to the gym and my tote it's always packed and still there's room for more.
    They just released a new one in black and I think it's even more beautiful than the regular one - it does get a little dirty/yellow and it's hard to clean. The price it's really good if you compare to the other ones.. I really wanted the Dior but got super mainstream and there's a lot of replicas out there, and it's very expansive. I haven't seen no one with the ysl tote in a while, even here in the tpf.
    If you need any mod shots / specific pictures I'm here to help :smile:

  4. Totally agree with all your points. I’m leaning towards the Dior but I’m concerned about spending so much money on something that looks to trendy and may look dated in a year or two as it’s all over Instagram at the moment. I have one on hold for me at the boutique but they can’t hold it any longer!
  5. Thanks for your input! I love the SL tote and it’s a good price point but my concern is with it getting dirty easily. It also makes me think it’s more of a summer/beachy sort of bag.
  6. You’ve picked out some beautiful bags! While it’s obviously a matter of personal preference, my vote would be for either the first Gucci, or the YSL in black (hadn’t realized it came in black, thanks Victor!). I would be concerned with the Saint Laurent getting dirty and yellowing, and imho, it does look a bit beachy/more casual - however, in black....!!

    Good luck with your decision, and please post pictures whenever you do decide!
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  7. Many thanks. And yes, I will definitely check out the black version of the Saint Laurent. I’m still no nearer to making a decision though. They are all such beautiful bags!
  8. The black it's beautiful, right?? Uh, I just don't feel bad because I bought mine almost a year ago.

  9. Btw that first gucci it's really beautiful

  10. Yes it is, isn’t it?! I very nearly bought it but the other bags caught my eye too.
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